Get a brand-new look at Thanos, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Marvel’s official look back at Phase 1 and 2 of the MCU

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Marvel unleashes a TEN MOVIE retrospective sizzle with a not-too-spoilery hints at what’s in store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

Fuck, I know we’re outrageously up Marvel’s ass today, but you know… tis the season! To help promote its struggling indie darling, Marvel has seen fit to put together this fantastic little sizzle showcasing the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. While I absolutely loved this fan-made trailer that generously incorporated footage of X-Man, Spider-Man and other shit that falls tragically out of the MCU,  there’s just something completely fucking awe-inspiring about seeing it stitched together here in an official capacity. Not only does it help reflect where we’ve been, but Oh, the places we will go!


Below you’ll see what I believe is the first-ever official footage of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver mad publicly available (the stinger from Captain America: Winter Soldier), I personally feel this video is one of the first to showcase Guardian of the Galaxy as an official, potentially crucial piece of the MCU puzzle, which is TEN MOVIES strong as of today. Gettin’ a little misty here…

Or at least that’s how I feel, what’s say you?


17 thoughts on “Get a brand-new look at Thanos, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Marvel’s official look back at Phase 1 and 2 of the MCU

  1. This Thanos gif (as badass as it is) better not be an important final shot or credit sting for Guardians of the Galaxy a’la spoiler . I know he’s in that film and will be in Avengers 3 but I like the build of just how much and I haven’t seen GotG yet.

    Don’t worry though, I know to avoid upcoming Cape Crisis episodes until I have haha!

    1. I was worried about that too, but A) I don’t think so, and B) if it were, why would Marvel release it? Not only would that be unprecedented, they go after leaks like that pretty viciously.

    2. Just to add, I’m talking about Marvel here with their video. I know you guys are good when it comes to possible spoilers.

      1. Well, If you’re reading this far, it’s too late anyway, but that Thanos shot is totally from Guardians of the Galaxy. But it’s not like we didn’t know Thanos was always confirmed for an appearance, that shot specifically occurs like 20 minutes in (NOT during the end credits) and if you’ve seen GotG, you won’t be pissed. It ain’t like that picture isn’t everywhere on the net right now!

        Whatever, I personally feel absolved of any spoilerage. Thank you.

    1. I guess I was surprised too, but not because I hate the movie. Now, I’m not spilling any seed over that movie nor Ang Lee’s, but remember, the 2nd Hulk movie kept the established canon of the first film (easy to do when you’re retelling the widely accepted story of a 50-year-old comic) and Avengers acknowledges it after that. Technically, and somewhat/not very interestingly, Lee’s Hulk is the ONLY movie outside Marvel Studios to be acknowledged by the MCU. At least according to the slightly vague opening credits of The Incredible Hulk. Neat?

      Whatever you think of TIH, it’s the Bug’s Life of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: The worst from the studio, yet still good, and far better than almost all of its contemporaries. Perhaps you’d rather watch Jonah Hex?

  2. a feel good watch. makes you feel a connection to the universe. I don’t have the time of day to acknowledge how manipulative it is when I’m having such a good time watching.

  3. I love this supercut. I feel like the collective 30 seconds of Thor and Thor 2 footage in it got me completely caught up on the only two current Marvel movies I have missed (excluding the last 20 X-Men sequels and prequels…I’ll get around to them).

  4. Marvel really knows how to put their trailers together. Now we just wait until we get one for Age of Ultron…

  5. I love Joss Whedon, but I can’t imagine how he will be able to fit all he needs to into Avengers Age of Ultron which seems to be (I’ll try to avoid spoilers).

    1. Status of Fury, Cap and Black Widow after Cap 2
    2. Introduction and motivation for Von Strucker
    3. Introduction and turning of the twins
    4. Ultron and Vision, but I guess they will come from Stark, hopefully based on Zola in Cap II
    5. More on the Infinity Gems and Thanos

    Feels like it needs to be an almost 3 hour movie, which would be fine with me btw… It is amazing how the MCU movies keep up their level of quality.

    1. If Thanos is gonna be the main threat for Avengers 3. I don’t think this movie needs to dedicate a lot, if any time to him, honestly, we’ll have plenty of time for that in the rest of the Phase 3 movies including the confirmed GotG sequel.

      Also, everything else honestly doesn’t seem that hard to fit in as much as it was to make the first avengers movie work. Remember that one had a ton of lot more shit to juggle, like having to account, recap and justify the appearance of every member of the avengers, explain the villain and his motivations, and deal with the reuniting, bickering, solidifying of the avengers team idea while also dealing with an alien invasion.

      In this one, at the very least the mere existence of an idea like the avengers no longer needs to be set up and justified, all you need is the villain to give the heroes a reason to unite again.

  6. What a great walk down memory lane. Started getting chills. Quick check my arm, under the hair. Those are goose bumps!

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