20 thoughts on “Laser Time – Layin’ Cable

  1. Hope wmac masters gets mentioned! Underated live action martial arts show back in the day. Anyone else watch it?

  2. Sorry, guys! Today’s show did briefly go up incorrectly, we immediately fixed it, but there’s no way for us to control what’s in your cache. Anyone accessing the file for the first time should have no problem, but I can only recommend, closing/restarting your podcaster stuff to everyone else.

  3. One of the best shows in recent memory. Love when you guys just take some time to talk about whatever is on your mind rather than strictly following the theme of the episode.

  4. I love love love when you guys shoot the shit or just gush about something you really enjoy, you should do it more often.

  5. Please more episodes where you guys just talk, they’re the best. I especially loved the end where it just started to get weirdly deep.

  6. You guys are fucking crazy about My Little Pony. When I heard it had become popular on the internet, I went out of my way to watch because I thought the same thing you guys said:

    “Oh, it looks like a show for little girls, but maybe it’s secretly awesome, like Adventure Time.”

    It’s fucking not. It’s a stupid show for little girls. And I’ve watched several episodes now to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I’m wasn’t.

    The grown-ass men that like this show are just another group of internet weirdos. The brony community is nothing more than a niche segment of the furry community.

  7. no more wrestling…..
    Also cant believe you didnt know about Hub channel, rewatched a lot of batman tas and Beyond around 2012-3 because of it.
    Then again I dont pay for it, someone else does, but its my background noise, what would I do without it?

  8. A very enjoyable episode once again.

    To be honest, I have a weird placement in fandom when it comes to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I have tried to watch the show but I physically get uncomfortable with all the happiness, singing, and cuteness of it all. Instead, I only follow and partake in the Brony’s fanmade content that has been created by the followers of the show. Yes, you heard that right, I am a fan of a fandom. The fans create much more dynamic contents which can have stories of more adult topics such as parenthood, social identity, familial responsibility, heroic sacrifice, and even the weird “clop” stuff.

    Am I a weirdo for being into it? Of course I am, but I’m also a weirdo for many other things such as the only films I watch are horror and dark comedies, I’m an achievement completionist, and I find that Bioshock 2 is my favorite in the Bioshock series.

    FYI, Apple Jack is the best.

  9. Is my Lasertime broken? None of the podcasts show up on the main page anymore. Every time I visit, the idle animations piece is always the top story, and I can only find the podcasts by clicking on the show links (and in the case of the Lasertime show, scrolling down through thirteen dozen episodes to get to the latest).

    Is this some setting I enacted and can reverse locally, or is this a deliberate thing? You guys must REALLY be proud of that idle animation piece.

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