Vidjagame Apocalypse 76 – Oh Tie-In! My Tie-In!


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why this is a sad week. In light of recent events, we hastily, clumsily cobbled together a tribute to beloved comedy icon and fellow gamer Robin Williams for this week’s show by centering our Top 5 on games based on his movies. (Some of them are kind of terrible, though, so this may be stretching the definition of “tribute.”) Then we resume normal programming with some talk about Hohokum, the return of Sierra, and the crappy licensed games you loved as a kid.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite memory of Robin Williams?



ALSO! There’s a contest this week! We’re finally giving away nine handsome, gold-esque Legend of Zelda bookmarks, and one of them could be yours! In case you missed last week’s entry instructions, be sure to listen for them this week.


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21 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 76 – Oh Tie-In! My Tie-In!

  1. The first level of Hook, IS the training montage. I would love to see games steal the idea of a interactive montage.

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  3. QOTW: There are so many to choose from so I’ll go with some more recent examples such as a live stand up he did in front of the British Royal family, jokingly mocking them in person to the Ocarina of Time 3D ad he did with his daughter Zelda, which was surprisingly sweet. Can’t imagine what his passing must be like for her.

    I’m not normally too bothered by celebrity deaths but this one hits a large part of my childhood.

  4. His top !0 reasons to be an Episcopalian, because I became drawn to the Episcopal Church in college and have been a member ever since. Also his Zelda commercial with his daughter. Realizing that he shared my religious faith and my love of video games made me feel quite a bit connected to this particular actor from my childhood in a way.

  5. For me it was when disney anounced that he was returning as the genie in Aladin and king of thieves. Only Robin Williams could get this 80s kid excited for a straight to vhs release that wasnt staring Christopher Lambert.

    1. QOTW: Just listened to the episode and heard my comment mentioned so I would like to share my second favorite moment and that was when he simulated congalingus (oral) by using his hairy forearm durring the live from Broadway dvd.

  6. Mrs Doubtfire was one of my favourite movies as a child, and I’ve got tons of memories from watching it with my sister when we were little. One of my favourite scenes was Robin making cups of tea while concealing his man-face behind whipped cream, with big blobs dripping off his face into the mug.

    A close runner up would be in Hook when he was flying around in green tights. Even as a young kid I thought that was a bit awkward. Rufio is totally canon by the way.

  7. QOTW: As someone with an almost unhealthy compulsion to entertain the people around me to the point that I dwell over preparing jokes for interactions that might not even occur, as well someone who has struggled with serious depression in the past, I’ve been taking Robin William’s suicide pretty hard. I think it’s safe to say from the monumental response to his death that Robin Williams has been an icon, no a legitimate institution in the entertainment world for forty god dam years. How many people could you say that about and mean it? Even in the worst dog shit piles of garbage projects he did, I guaran-fuckin-tee he was the hardest working and most entertaining part. As for favorites, Aladdin showed me how great Disney was at a young age, Mrs.Doubtfire helped me through my parents divorce, and Dead Poets Society gave me the balls to not give a shit and just be myself in highschool. Reading back through my comment it already reads like I’m a sappy fanboy, but for someone who was always radiating energy and exuberance, it’s very hard not to be davastated that there was a self imposed end to it. Also, Tyler, fuck you, Jumanji was great and you know it, don’t backtrack on that shit.

  8. QOTW: I watched Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfiire, and Hook, countless times as a kid. Robin Williams really was my favorite actor back then. Hell, my mom still occasionally references lines from Mrs. Doubtfire!

  9. QOTW: Mrs. Doubtfire comes to mind. I watched it a hell of a lot as a kid, and probably gave me more happy childhood moments than any of his other movies of the 90s.

  10. I absolutely loved RV, I don’t know why it hit home with me but i knew that feeling of juggling work with family and having none of them be satisfied. The movie came at a time when I changed careers so that is probably part of it. Losing him was like losing your favorite uncle. I hope you are finally at peace Robin, the world is a sadder place without you

  11. I mentioned it in the Robin Williams article, but I briefly met Mr. Williams at an SF Giants game. He took the time to talk to anyone who came up to him, always with a smile on his face. Robin and my dad laughed about something I was to busy to hear because I was so caught up in how surreal the whole thing was. He shook our hands and softly said “Let’s Go Giants” as he walked away.

    So that’s my favorite memory of him… that and FernGully.

  12. One thing about the Mass Effect 3 ending: in the Extended Cut, they show the mass relays being rebuilt, so they could probably have a post-Shepard ME game that still had inter-planetary travel.

    I’m still struggling to see the value of EA Access. It strikes me as being like PS Plus, except instead of getting like 5/6 free games a month from many different publishers, you get way fewer games from EA, which also raises the question: How often do you start playing a EA game months after release? I play Bioware games right at launch, I’ll play Mirror’s Edge 2 at launch, and I’ll never play the sports games or military shooters, so I don’t see myself being excited by a EA game being in the vault months after release. That’s just my perspective though. Disclaimer: I own neither console, not a fanboy. 🙂

  13. QofW The thing that always struck me about Saint Robin, was his ability to go from the insane coke-fueled sharknado, to getting me teary eyed just by flipping a switch. In Mrs doubtfire for example, he spent 90% of the movie being an absurd old english woman, but the courtroom scene where he pleads for his right to see his kids, and gets shut the fuck down, tears me up still.

    Birdcage is also the shit.

  14. I’m surprised that no one is saying Death To Smoohy. That movie is an awesome dark comedy. It might not be the best recommendation right now since there’s a scene where he tries to light himself on fire in the street, but still a very funny movie.

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