The Top 5 1994 Games (Based on the US Box Office)


If Hollywood were the sole judge, these would be the most successful games from 20 years ago.

Did you think I was kidding when I said a video of our discussion on Vidjagame Apocalypse #75? Shame on you! Just because I can’t do anything on time, doesn’t mean I won’t eventually do it! So here you go, lollipops: The dumbest list ever, based on the stupidest possible criteria.

Oh, and in case you missed it, also check out our IDOL IDLE tribute to 16-bit idle animations!

17 thoughts on “The Top 5 1994 Games (Based on the US Box Office)

  1. Stargate and True Lies both look quite fun. This is a seriously odd concept for a list, but I truly enjoyed it. Great editing on the video.

    1. I’d like to think that’s a nice way of saying “Wow, this is something I haven’t seen before!” and if it’s okay with you, I’d like to remain forever delusional.

  2. Hey you did it! And well worth the wait! That Lion King’s Just Can’t Wait to Be King level was sooo hard! I’d like to see you do a struggle/speed run through it. On your backlog twitch.

  3. I think a retro game episode for each system would make a great bonus episode idea. Don’t get me wrong I love the commentaries but how bout a mystery science theater style show only its bad games and not movies? Chris you could be a pizza box, Brett could be a sealed sega saturn copy of super street puzzle fighter and Henry could be a spiderman graphic novel! I can see the silhouettes now. Also Michael could be a beard lol

    1. I think the intro could be similar to the tv show amazing stories lol possible name “Retro Sexual’s.” Very bored at work thanks for humoring me lol but could be a great show.

  4. I don’t know if anyone else shares this opinion, but I personally think that you are talking to fast in these videos Chris. I think that you are rushing too much while narrating for the first minutes.

  5. Awesome!! Another top 5 video! Actually just got a chance to listen to that episode yesterday.
    I remembered playing a shit ton of The Lion King game on genesis at my cousin’s house as a kid. The Just Can’t Wait to Be King level is amazing, but was really difficult. Always fell off the stupid giraffe heads…

    True Lies actually looks pretty cool and that Stargate game looks a lot like Flashback, so awesome.

    Also, love that Fred Flinstone idol animation. Always used to think the Lion King idol in which Simba swipes at a Butterfly was funny too.

  6. Wow, this was wonderful! even if it was delayed, getting to watch this video was well worth the wait ^^

    The thing that impresses me the most about all of these is how damn good they all look, even the Flintstones movie game has some pretty nice sprites in there. And no shit, the stargate one looks astoundingly good.

    Please stop shit talking yourself over this Chris? This idea was great, and the video was awesome to let people discover or rediscover snippets from pretty looking SNES games using a unique criteria.

  7. Chris this was wonderful! I know it was delayed but it was kind of well worth the wait. I’d love to see more of the VGA top 5s turned into videos.

  8. Yep, that was great, and – holy shit, Westwood “Command & Conquer, created the RTS genre, and made a damn fine Blade Runner game” Studios made The Lion King?! I knew the guys who made Earthworm Jim (Shiny) made Genesis Aladdin first, but didn’t know about Westwood doing Lion King!

    And yes, True Lies is still a great movie. Actually one of my favourite James Cameron flicks, after Aliens and the two Terminators.

  9. Well done Chris. It’s a shame some of the shit people watch on gaming channels on YouTube. Lasertime deserves to be up near the top.

  10. Loved the video Chris. You do absolutely phenomenal work and have entertained me for years. For as long as your willing to do it, I will always be a fan.

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