7 thoughts on “Gone Cliffhangin’

  1. Thought of a back up game just in case something goes wrong. Driven for the original xbox based on the Stallone feature film. In my opinion it is the worst Stallone movie and big suprise it is the worst Stallone based game by a stalloner boner.

  2. Wow sony shutdown the video? Tried to show my girl the stream and it wont let me watch it on youtube. Very upsetting because when has anyone talked about cliffhanger since 1993? Wish companies would understand that these videos help them and by shuting these streams down it hurts the brand (pisses fans off) This guy just cancelled his amazon order of cliffhanger on bluray and replaced it with atack the block.

    1. Not sure if anyone is going to read this reply now (laser time needs mail notification ASAP) but, even if it doesn’t get nearly the same amount of views, how about if the “forbidden” streams were uploaded to dailymotion or some other site, just for posterity or referencing on the site? It’s not like they’re going anywhere. Maybe even removing the videos from the youtube playlist (but linking to them trough the site) would do the trick?

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