Cape Crisis #104 – To Be Continued


Brett and Chris join Henry this week to catch up on all the things they’ve read and seen, including the Popeye film, Thanos books, Spider-Man (of course), and stupidly expensive collections that Henry probably shouldn’t have bought. Then there’s this week’s query to you about the best cliffhangers they’ve read (tune in next week to find out what!)…


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Cape Crisis #104 Question: What’s the most memorable cliffhanger that got you the most excited for the next issue?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #104 – To Be Continued

  1. QOTW: Not really a cliffhanger but stay with me Henry; I think image comics the last Christmas was so well written and geniunly funny that I couldnt wait to get the next issue! Why is it not a movie yet?

  2. Aladdin was the Disney movie that convinced me not to watch any more new Disney movies, because of exactly what Brett said, more singing animals. I was 15, and had seen lots of earlier Disney cartoons, but this was the end of my desire to hear endless songs, and talking animal sidekicks. Robin Williams’ schtick didn’t help any.

        1. Indeed, although saying it at such might have felt too hostile of a statement. I am trying to be less of a douchenozzle.

          1. What are the classic Disney animated movies since Aladdin? I saw Princess and the Frog, and it didn’t convince me that anything had changed.

          2. The only ‘classic’ that really came out after Aladdin was Lion King, but you should definitely give Hercules, Tarzan, and the Hunchback of NotreDame a try

          3. Can’t comment on princess and the frog, but there’s a reason for Frozen’s popularity, not perfect or the best Disney movie ever, but even though it’s recent, I can guarantee it will be remembered fondly overall, and considered a classic eventually.

            It may be considered cheating, but pretty much anything Pixar made before cars is awesome (bug’s life might be the only early Pixar movie that’s merely “okay”)

  3. Just got into comics seriously last year (thanks to this podcast!), so I haven’t had a lot of experience with any really good cliffhangers. There is one, however, that I think sort of applies here.

    When I read Watchmen years ago, though it was a collected set, I really thought Ozymandius’ confession, ” I did it thirty-five minutes ago.” was an absolute, ‘oh-shit-what-next’ situation. Granted, I just had to turn the next page, but I can imagine how powerful that had to be for someone reading Watchmen issue by issue.

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