Sex Toy Story 2014 – Action Figures UNITE


Please join us in the Winner’s Circle of our celebration of licensed plastic coitus…

Someday I hope I’m I was mature enough to not find people posing their action figures in sex positions hilarious… but today is not that day! Instead I’m wiping away hysterical tears of pride, as so many of you banded together to put your personal playthings in compromising positions for our Sex Toy Story 2014 Contest. Because once again, who doesn’t love a good crossover?! K, let’s star with our Runner-Ups:

First up is RasberryChainsaw, who took a break from his normal, incredibly professional practice of action figure photography to wallow in our immaturity with both the image you see above and below

I’m not sure you can put this past the Deadpool Multiverse, since they’re outrageously prone to killing one another. Taboo though it may be to make love to one’s self, it’s surely a fate worse than death.

Next, we have guitarcreepshow, whose pictures are probably my personal favorite. His work in this incredibly stupid sub-field is as pretty to look at as it is consistently weird and funny. I have it on good authority the only reason the judges didn’t award him the grand-prize is because he won our previous Sex Toy Story contest.

guitarcreepshow_gonzo chow
Laughed out loud at this numerous times. For whatever reason, Gonzo’s expression instantly makes me hear his muffled cries of excited glee. Powerful.

guitarcreepshow_turtle orgy
C’mon, they’re teenagers!

And we’ve finally arrived at our Grand Prize Weiner, manoffeeling, an aspiring fuck toy artist who truly lives up to his name.

manoffeeling_Marvel Orgy

Now, I’m not sure if he made this impressive diorama specifically, with our contest in mind, but it is a feast for the dorky eyes.

manoffeeling_Marvel Orgy2

There’s certainly a delightful orgy going on, with Invisible Woman’s invitation lost in the mail, but there are so many tiny touches to take in. The Watcher doing what he does best, the flaming evidence of Thing’s recent participation, a ward’s seduction, inexplicable evidence that it takes place on an SCTV set?! There’s so much to love.

CONGRATS, GUYS! Winrars, you’ve been notified. Honestly, I wish we had more prizes/money to give away. But alas. We’ve added a couple of our favorites in the gallery below, or you can peep the whole thread here.

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  1. haha Only the backdrop predates this contest, the rest was composed for the delectation of Laser Time specifically. Anyways, thanks so much! I’ve been a fan of you guys for awhile (got turned on to you by Retronauts) and it’s awesome to contribute something.

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