Every Dead Simpsons Guest Star Ever!


How old is The Simpsons? Over FIFTY of its celebrity guest stars no longer exist!

With FXX 12-Day Simpsons Shebang upon us, every website in the universe is coming up with some sort of listicle based on a loosely refined Wiki… so why not Laser Time?! But seriously, it’s something I kinda wanted to do for a while. If your weren’t one of the unfortunate few who read my semi-recent rant on the whiny Simpsons fans of yesteryear, here’s the essential takeaway: You Are Old. And for some of you, The Simpsons is even older than you. The episodes most Simpsons Snobs consider “classic” also had the luxury of being introduced to them when you were young and impressionable, and they’ve also aired every day in syndication ever since. There’s been no other show with that kind of impact or longevity, no analog for its success or the evolution its taken, but we can emphasize time a bit by showing you just how many memorable Simpsons guest stars no longer exist! Let’s get morbid!

59. 61. 63. That’s my unofficial tally of dead Simpsons guest stars including the three below
-We did not include Marcia Wallace, Doris Grau or Phil Hartman for reasons that should be obvious
-Season 1 has only 1 death! Not until Season 14 does the mortality rate stabilize to that level.
-Despite the odds, Larry King, Dick Cavett and Kirk Douglas are miraculously still alive!
-Even without the appearance by The Ramones, Season 5 is a fucking Holocaust
-Season 16 is the first season with ZERO DEAD GUEST STARS!
-With his knack for animal voices, Frank Welker may be the most unsung Simpsons guest star

-Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy.
-Season 23 is no longer death free (RIP Joan Rivers)
-RIP Jan Hooks. Hooks voiced Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon (wife of Apu, mother of eight) in six episodes from Season 9 to Season 14.


Ron Taylor (Bleeding Gums Murphy)

SEASON 2images

Audrey Meadows (Bea Simmons)


Michael Jackson (Leon Kompowsky)

Chick Hearn (Himself)

Steve Allen (Hemself)

Joe Frazier (Himself)

SEASON 4elizabeth-taylor-the-simpsons

Bob Hope (Himself)

Elizabeth Taylor (Herself)

Joyce Brothers (Herself)

Barry White (Himself)

Johnny Carson (Himself)

Leonard Nimoy (Himself)

SEASON 51523556-georgeharrison

George Harrison (Himself)

The Ramones (All of them)

George Fenneman (Narrator, “Marge on the Lam”)

James Brown (Himself)

Ernest Borgnine (Himself)

Werner Klemperer (Colonel Klink)

Robert Goulet (Himself)tve14129-19950521-696


Henry Cordon (Fred Flintstone)

Anne Bancroft (Dr. Zweig)

Johnny Unitas (Himself)

Tito Puente (Himself)


Mickey Rooney (Himself)radioactive-man11

Linda McCartney (Herself)

Harry Morgan (Bill Gannon)

Lawrence Tierney (Don Brodka)


Paul Winfield (Lucius Sweet)

Rodney Dangerfield (Larry Burns)tve10191-19970119-696

Johnny Cash (Talking Coyote)

Jack Lemmon (Frank Ormand)


Jan Hooks (Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon)

Stephen Jay Gould (Himself)

Jim Varney (Cooder)

Bob Denver (Himself)

Rod Stieger (Captain Tenille)


Ed McMahon (Himself)

George Carlin (Munchie)

Dick Tufeld (Lost in Space Robot)

Jack Lalanne (Himself)

SEASON 11tve8182-19921015-696

Dick Clark (Himself)

Clearance Clemons (Narrator, Grift of the Magi)

Joe. C (Himself)


John Entwistle (The Who, “A Tale of Two Springfields”)

John Updike (Himself)

Patrick McGoohan (Number Six)steve-allen-pog-simpsons

Charles Napier (Warden)

Robert Schimmel (Convict)


Paul Newman (Himself)

Dennis Weaver (Buck McCoy)


George Plimpton (Himself)James_brown


Tom Clancy (Himself)

Isabel Sanford (Herself)



SEASON 17tve12804-20011209-696

Larry Hagman (Wallace Brady)


Gore Vidal (Himself)






Huell Howser (Himself)

Eartha Kitt (Herself)


Cory Monteith (Flynn)

SEASON 23Simpsons_GleeFlynn

Joan Rivers (Annie Dubinsky)


Don Pardo (Himself)



I’d say feel free to let me know of any I missed, but come on, you’re Simpsons fans on the internet! I can’t imagine I need to ask to be corrected.

25 thoughts on “Every Dead Simpsons Guest Star Ever!

  1. This is a morbid ass spin on this whole marathon. Reminds me of how so many laugh tracks were apparently recorded in the 1950’s and we’re listening and laughing along with the dead. That’s kind of creepy if I think about it for too long

  2. This is tremendously morbid…I love it. My best friend and I (who can’t go 10 minutes without quoting The Simpsons) spent today watching the marathon, catching pretty much all of season 8. I know that the dead horse had been beaten into a fine paste at this point, but I just have to say it: man, the Simpsons used to be so good. USED to be…

  3. If there was ever a time for a lasertime about favorite simpsons episodes/moments, the time is now, at least two hours, if not, you fail.

      1. I am already aware of that one(I have listened to every lasertime yknow), Im talkin no rules, no setup, no season limit, if there was an episode they loved they talk about it, nonstop references as soon as they come to mind.
        Nonstop until somebody collapses or turns yellow.

        1. figured you knew, since I see your name come up all the time, but the way you phrased it sounded like you might have missed that ep.

  4. Wow! Reading through these, I was surprised by how many had died that I wasn’t aware had died, or had simply forgotten. Sad, very sad. But GREAT ARTICLE!

  5. Awesome job putting this together! I saw your instagram posts and got excited for the marathon, only to find out shity verzion does not include that channel in my package even thou im paying like 130 a month. Wish they would have put at least a couple of episodes on regular FX.

  6. Hey Chris, not sure if this was previously addressed, but what the hell the internet tends to repeat itself. The Simpsons episode with “Michael Jacksons” voice is actually done by who did, and still might do, all his voice work including music. I have no sources, just memory. I’m also willing to say I might be wrong (Gasps), how shocking.

  7. Compared to my list I see……..

    Marvin Hamlisch is missing
    Christopher Collins–although you may be counting him as a regular
    Tom Poston
    Gary Coleman someone already mentioned
    PaT Summerall

    As for the Ramones–only 3 of them spoke and one is still living of those 3. So I think that messes with your count.

    My count is at 68 including the regulars you didn’t list Hartman, Wallace and Grau

  8. Oops forgot Jan Hooks makes it 69

    By the way, George c Scott was not an actual guest–it was an impersonation—for the poster who was confused.

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