Laser Time – 90s Primetime Animation


Among the many trails blazed by The Simpsons, its early success created an adult-oriented cartoon BOOM in the early 90s. From the good, the bad, to the entirely forgotten, we’re taking a look back at this amazing animation renaissance…


Chris’ Dorky Simpsons Rant
Bob Mackey’s Simpsons Animation Showcase: Homer Goes to College
Every Dead Simpsons Guest Star Ever!
LASER TIME 100 – Simpsons Reference
Cheap Popcast – Last Duckman Standing
SIMPSONS WEEK: A Week of Simpsons Streams


23 thoughts on “Laser Time – 90s Primetime Animation

  1. Cbear and Jamal or at least wayne head better get a shout out on this episode jk. Going to listen to this as soon as I get off work.

  2. Another excuse to bring up Duckman. I like to think Laser Time is the official unofficial home for all things Duckman.

  3. I always had a soft spot for God the Devil and Bob although it technically misses the 90’s by 3 months. Still it does have Alan Cumming as the Devil.

  4. Hey Chris is there anyway you could provide the links to the clips you use in the show when possible. It would be great to look up and see some of the scenes talked about that I haven’t seen in years. Specifically the Critic e.t. Quiz.

  5. I really don’t get Chris’ defense of the current Simpsons. Does he have like a stake in it continuing cause that’s the only reason why I’d think he’d be so passionate about it. Yes it might be better then alot of what’s on TV but that means there is a lot of crap on TV like anything touched by Chuck Lorre or most fake reality TV. I used to call the Simpsons my favorite TV show but how can I when its coming up to 2/3rds of the show that I actively loath.

    I had crisis where I thought I was getting too cynical with comedy because I didn’t find the Simpsons funny or much else years ago but it wasn’t me it was just me watching meh TV. Community came along, Rick and Morty, I found the Venture Bros and Bob’s Burgers among others renewed my faith in my sense of humor.

    1. I agree with what Chris is saying and i pretty much despise the recent Simpsons. Just because i think something is fucking dogshit doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist, there’s bound to be countless people who love it and even if i don’t agree with their taste why should my preferences dictate what others should enjoy. If you don’t like it don’t acknowledge it because its not like its being forced on you. I religiously watch every other program you mentioned though, i love the shit out of Rick & Morty but probably 9 out of 10 people i recommend it to end up hating it or just not getting it.

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