Simpsons Week: NES Kickoff – Space Mutants, Radioactive Man & The World!


[UPDATE: YouTube Archive has been embedded for your viewing delight!]

Kick off Simpsons Week with the best of the worst! The NES Simpsons trilogy will be on display starting today at 4PM  PACIFIC/7PM EASTERN

WARNING: All of these games are fucking horrible. That is all.

4 thoughts on “Simpsons Week: NES Kickoff – Space Mutants, Radioactive Man & The World!

  1. Might want to glance at walkthrough or guide unless you want the whole stream to be you stuck on the first level shouting “what do you want me to do!?”. From what I remember the game was obtuse as fuck and kind of notorious for it.

  2. Holy shit I totally played a lot of Bart vs the Space Mutants. I remember kid me never knowing wtf to do and just wandering around getting frustrated until I’d turn the game off, only to try again later.

    Oh and I’m *just* 26 and remember playing garbage games like this so the “under 30” doesn’t really apply. Since I was younger than you guys I was probably even more of a sap because I’d see those licensed games and rent them or rarely buy them only to be saddled with immense disappointment.

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