Cape Crisis #105 – Watch Out, Radioactive Man!

Henry, Chris, and Dave are waist deep in Simpsons, but they have other things to talk about, including Donald Glover’s dreams finally achieved, Walking Dead gamechangers, made up super people, Spider-Woman’s behind, and Radiation Man (that’s Radioactive Man, jerk!)…

Grand Theft Springfield: Let’s pull a Hit N’ Run!

[UPDATE: YouTube Archive added, but with the WORST FRAMERATE/QUALITY EVER. It’s highly recommended you DO NOT watch. Try our Five Nights At Freddy’s or The Simpsons Game streams instead] Today at 3PM PACIFIC/6PM EASTERN, join Chris and Mikel for one of… Read more

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 78 – Simpsons Did It

The Every Simpsons Ever Marathon has an iron grip on our souls this week, so no, we actually couldn’t think of a better topic for this week’s Top 5 than our favorite Simpsons games. Once that’s out of our system, we move… Read more

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