Cape Crisis #105 – Watch Out, Radioactive Man!


Henry, Chris, and Dave are waist deep in Simpsons, but they have other things to talk about, including Donald Glover’s dreams finally achieved, Walking Dead gamechangers, made up super people, Spider-Woman’s behind, and Radiation Man (that’s Radioactive Man, jerk!)…


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Cape Crisis #105 Question: Who is your favorite super hero made up to appear in another piece of media?

24 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #105 – Watch Out, Radioactive Man!

    1. At this point, I’m starting to believe you’re actively trying to not talk about comics. Talk Simpsons on laser time, good lord

  1. “Henry, Chris, and Dave are waste deep in Simpsons”

    I think I laughed at that more than I should have

  2. “Henry, Chris, and Dave are waste deep in Simpsons”

    I think I laughed at that more than I should have.

    1. For the record, that was kind of “a bit.” There’s probably a small sliver of sincerity in there, but we’re mostly just trying to be funny. Just an FYI before I get yelled at.

      1. but… but… I agreed with everything you said. I’ll support any agenda, just leave us Spider-Woman gods damn it.

      2. I am of the opinion that these are fictional characters and can be drawn however the artist wants.
        The person who starts the outcry of sexism is more interested in starting an outcry of sexism than they are are about art.

  3. I feel like Dave talking about LOST and Henry not wanting to could be easily translated into when people complain whenever Man of Steel gets brought up.

  4. The Grey Ghost. An homage to the Spirit, a devastating and inspiring performance by Adam West, and Kevin Conroy telling the Ghost how much he meant as a hero to him growing up, speaking, I feel, on all of our behalf directly to Adam West. Really killer music, too!

  5. Man, that was one of the best Superhero Spotlights ever.

    And, for what it’s worth, here’s my two cents on the Spider-Woman cover:
    So, judge me if you must, but I spend a lot of time drawing naked ladies and looking at other people’s drawings of naked ladies. I am, you could say, a bit of a connoisseur. And even I think that cover looks terrible. It’s clearly adapted very sloppily from a photograph, Spider-Woman’s neck is at an impossible angle, and NO costume could possibly conform to a human ass that way. This thing is bad, not because it’s “too sexy”, but because it’s grotesque, it’s poor quality, it’s-quite frankly-an insult to the character. There are tons of covers with sexualized images of female characters, but we don’t hear about them, because they don’t look like sub-par Rule 34 you find on DeviantArt.

  6. Blunt man and chronic. I even traveled to jay and silent bobs secret stash to take pictures of the fake movie props.

    Their is nothing in particular I like about them in fact I think they are stupid, but it’s all I can think of.

    Unless particle man counts from they might be giants/ tiny toons. If so I pick them.

  7. Chris: “Look guys I get it, I really do . But women shouldn’t feel welcome in the comic community.”
    Hank: “I don’t know about that…”
    Chris: “Haha jk”
    I get that Chris is doing a bit but it’s the same bit he always does and it’s just not funny. Just from a comedy standpoint move on buddy. I know you can do better than this and actually be funny.

    1. Good news! Women just called and they called you A Hero. A true champion to their cause!

      However, upon speaking further with Women, we decided we can’t condone your use of quotations to portray the opposite of the joke’s point and literally the opposite of what I said. Maybe one or the other, but it can’t be both.

      Women and I have agreed it’s okay to be upset on their behalf, you maybe just don’t need to try so hard. That having a laugh at the absurdity of something doesn’t always have to betray your sense of moral obligation, unless you’re absolutely dead set upon it.

      And on behalf of all Women, I apologize for trying to make light of a fictional cartoon character’s butt. It’s clearly an ultra-serious situation and more than deserving of all of our ire and attention. On the bright side, Women claim I’ve only set back the movement by an hour or so, and can likely be made up during daylight savings.

        1. But I actually do want to apologize. The only thing I hate more than there being a social justice war in the first place, is looking like we’re (mostly me) on the side of excruciating anti-feminist assholes or the idea of alienating listeners because nerves are so raw right now.

          I’ve only ever wanted to offer an escape from life’s soul-crushing seriousness in the first place, so this will undoubtedly be the last time I make any attempt to find humor on such a subject. Melokuyo told me to be funnier/better above. And I tried. But I don’t think I succeeded, nor will I have any luck doing so until things and people on the net get less shitty.

  8. If anything, I enjoy Chris’ standpoint as the contrarian in most debates. Whether or not he believes in the view he is representing, I think it makes for good podcastin’ if everbody’s not in full agreement. I don’t know if he is even aware of it, but this is probably the most valuable thing Chris got out of working for a games publisher: the ability to see things from the other side .

    QOTW: Quailman, I guess?

  9. Can I ask an honest question. I’m not trying to start some SJW thing. I try to stand in the middle of any argument as much as possible and see both sides.

    But why is it wrong for Chris to want to have a sexy Spider-Woman cover but it is okay for Henry to talk about how sexy Daniel Radcliff is naked?

    One is fictional and one is real, but both are serving as titillation for the audience. I guess Radcliff chose to be naked for his art, and Spider-Woman didn’t choose to be posed with her ass cheeks spread open, but again, she isn’t real.

    I just don’t know where the line of division happens.

    1. Well I don’t think it is an issue of “sexy” more about gratuity. I haven’t seen this play but the only news I remember hearing about it was you saw Radcliff’s junk. I don’t recall hearing Radcliff’s nudity being added just to have a nude scene. While Spider-Woman’s variant cover, to me, reaks of gratuity. She is in a pose no human can be in, and her costume rides up her butt leaving nothing to the imagination. You can have “sexy” in a comic. Hell, I found Dan Slott’s She-Hulk a rather sexy character. But looking at the non-variant covers shown in the trade and they’re pretty PG. Yes, She-Hulk is in her one piece suit but she’s not in some odd position for TNA’s sake. But one could still say the covers are sexy. So I guess what I’m trying to say is there’s sexy and then there’s sexy to the point of making your character an object. Which I would argue could alienate new readers if they are unlucky enough to find this variant.

      I hope that helps clear it up a bit.

      Also I want to say this isn’t an attack to anyone that found the cover sexy. Nor is this an attack on Chris. I’ve listened to his podcasts for too long to think he’s part of the He-Man Woman Haters Club. I think that bit could have worked if a character made the argument. Imagine Duke Lombardi saying, “Hank they’re taking away my Spider-Woman! Ever since Mrs. Lombardi left my for Stan Lee, all I’ve had is my variants. Sure make comics more welcoming to women, but leave my arachnid beauty alone! I’m an old man Hank! Let me die holding a extra rare swim suit Spider-Woman cover. Then make it more welcoming.” (That way it kinda ties into Patrice O’Neal’s “I’m a dinosaur” type humor.)
      Sorry of the the very long post by the way.

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