The Biggest Simpsons Game of them all: The Simpsons Game

 [UPDATE: Peep the YouTube vid embedded above! SPOILER: The Simpsons Game holds up TERRIBLY]

Starting today at 4:15PM Pacific (7:15 Eastern) we’ll be concluding our week of Simpson Streams with perhaps the best of them all, 2007’s The Simpsons Game! Join Chris & Dave for the greatest interactive fan service Fox’s famous family has ever received…

As far as I can recall, at worst, this game’s a “meh” platformer shelled inside two or three pretty good Simpsons episode. Does it hold up? Let’s find out together!

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2 thoughts on “The Biggest Simpsons Game of them all: The Simpsons Game

  1. Around the 17:30 mark I’m surprised no one pointed out the tremendous jugs on that statue on the right. Good for a chuckle. Actually surprised with the amount of laughs in this game. “The only Simpsons Game I know of is the one where we pretend Dad’s not an alcoholic.” Decent joke.

  2. Always wanted to try this game but gamerob always wanted almost retail for it even thou it was used. Guess I lucked out by never droping my cash on it. Maybee a telltail version will finnaly do the brand justice.

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