VGMpire Episode 75 – Fiddlin with the Famicom

VGMpire Ep75-2

Five great examples of composers using custom chips to enhance the Famicom’s musical capabilities, including Lagrange Point and Megami Tensei II. With special guest Tim Turi! LISTEN NOW or head here for the full tracklist.

3 thoughts on “VGMpire Episode 75 – Fiddlin with the Famicom

  1. Just one more month till Rocktober! And there’s really only two series that immediately come to mind as deserving a full month of episodes.

    Mega Man and Street Fighter.

    And it doesn’t matter if you think there’s a conflict of interest because you work for Capcom, Brett. Do one anyway!

  2. This was such an excellent episode. I love this type of history of hardware stuff. Wonderfule wonderful stuff.

    GEICO GEICOGEICO! Cheap insorance. Al prablems solved by yorp incredible poast. Thinks!


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