Laser Time – When Actors Sing


The best thing about not being famous is having good friends to tell you whether or not you should sing in public. From the utterly hilarious to the outright horrendous, these are the celebrity vanity jams you simply must hear…




38 thoughts on “Laser Time – When Actors Sing

    1. Thanks to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, I found out about RDJ’s music a few years back and promptly bought his album “The Futurist”. There doesn’t seem to be anything he can’t do if he puts his mind to it

    2. None of them sound embarrassing when singing though, Which I think is the focus of this episode XD

      Nice finds though!

  1. I smell another Dianna joint. Also, my ears hurt already judging from that banner. That being said, I do enjoy me some Eddie Murphy music.

  2. Tia Carrere has won Grammies for Hawaiian music, which is almost as bad as reggae (and most music in Hawaii now is pretty much reggae.)

  3. I dont really get it,
    The ones you outraged at I just thought were meh
    Id rather listen to any hack celeb singing than actual country music or rap.

  4. Wow I have listened to “Fire Coming Out of a Monkey’s Head” countless times and I never knew that was Dennis Hopper.

    Also, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have recently reconciled (although they haven’t said to what degree) and Albarn has said “I can definitely see another Gorillaz-esque record at some point,” so the Gorillaz are hopefully not dead!

  5. Super psyched for the crew on this one. I’ve been on a huge Diana and Grimm kick and have been re-listening to all their past episodes.

  6. The Looney Toons did a better job covering The Beatles than these celebs did. This shit is atrocious and fucking hilarious.

  7. Man, Grimm raggin on FarScape… I really think Chris (and friends) could get into it. It’s practically Jim Henson presents Mass Effect. What could possibly go wrong?

    Great show, looking forward to the next!

  8. This is the only podcast I ever listen to more than once and this will probably be the first episode I listen to again immediately after the first time.

  9. Just realized Mortal Monday is almost of drinking age! Maybee a show dedicated to weird videogame holidays, events and midnight launches.

  10. You guys forgot about Traci Lords’ album, 1000 Fires! She had a track on the Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack! Of course, it was an instrumental, because her singing is garbage… It was a decent effort, all the same.

    Also, why do I always think Tia Carerra is a porn star?

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