The Greatest Cartoon Crossover since Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Scrat and Spongebob Squarepants team up to beat the crap out of a Russian driver…

No one seems to know¬†what spurred on this altercation, evidently occurring just outside of a Russian Toontown tunnel. But if I’m going on my own nerdy intuition, this guy has to be a Dreamworks executive. If you have a better reason for why these animation company mascots would unite to beat a man in the streets, I’d sure as shit like to hear it!

Was this an elaborately staged prank or is a man really getting beaten on by three (sorry Scrat) timeless cartoon character in the middle of a freeway? Honestly, I think I’d find it enjoyable either way, but assuming you’ve been on the web long enough to have seen any video taken from a Russian dashboard, this is nowhere close to the strangest thing that’s ever happened on Putin’s slapstick roadways.

9 thoughts on “The Greatest Cartoon Crossover since Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  1. Hilarious, but is that actually Bugs Bunny? All the other costumes were good, that one looked like Bugs got Porky Pig pregnant and that was the abortion.

  2. Ah, this reminds me of my first car crash. On a rainy day, I flipped my Explorer on it’s side, after going down a ramp and crashing into the guard rail. No one got hurt but I remember listening to Laser Time while it happened. The memories….

  3. the guys laughing makes the video funnier. if it is real, then i wonder what the guy must have thought about what just happened.

  4. Why are there so many people with cameras recording while they are driving in Russia? feels like a pretty bizarre thing to do and yet there are tons of people in that last video doing it.

    …And yeah, was that supposed to be Bugs Bunny???

    1. Apparently, the court systems are so corrupt and/or inefficient there most Russian citizens have taken it upon themselves to install dashboard cameras to provide indisputable evidence of what happened to them.

      I remember one video where a driver caught an insurance scam artist in the act of clearly waiting for the driver’s car to pass before he rushed onto the street to be intentionally hit.

      I don’t know what came of the court case – assuming there was one – but if I were the ambulance chaser trying to make a quick buck, I’d have one hell of a prosecution to mount against that clip.

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