31 thoughts on “Laser Time – Shootin’ the Spam

  1. This sure is a short episode. I’m sure Chris could have padded it out with a bit of ranting…

  2. The cute AT&T girl Grim mentioned is Milana Vayntrub. She actually has a Youtube show in the same vein as Between Two Ferns; its’s worth a gander.

    Good show guys.

  3. What is that song playing during the intermission? It’s been in a couple episodes now, and I don’t think I saw an answer anywhere.

  4. I totally had an Action Max, and I totally had Pops motherfucking Ghostly.

    That one long nosed ghost that threw fireballs…fuck that guy.

    1. Ohh, I just found the thing. I also had Sonic Fury, Hydrosub, and Ambush Alley.

      So I guess I was ONLY missing the Blue Thunder one.

  5. holy shit that was an amazing podcast, I seriously thought Tyler was going to go into the story about the crazy cult-artist guy and all the people brainwashed into essentially servitude for him.
    or whatever that was

  6. You guys are killing it with the podcasts lately.today’s the day I realize I had no clue how long geico has been advertising for.

  7. Also I forgot to add that the “For Free” Echo in Education Connection reminds me of the “3!” echo from the Song Saturday Night Slam Masters on the SNES.

  8. Fun episode! Kinda wish it was a bit longer, but oh well, sorry and sweet will have to do I suppose.

    Also, kinda funny you guys started talking about auto insurance now of all times, since just this Sunday started investigating about them, and was confused as hell as to which to get. At least now I know I should steer away from progressive, lol. Thanks Grimm! XD

  9. This episode was like a baseball. You hit it out of the park with all of your helpful information.

  10. Maybe you guys are a little confused with darkly comic Brendan Gleeson-starring movies, but the guy who directed In Bruges did not direct Calvary, that was the guy who directed The Guard, which was really great but in a different way to In Bruges.

    1. I was confused about that too because I loved both In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths and I didn’t think he had another movie.

      After a quick visit on Wikipedia, Martin McDonagh directed In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths. His brother John Michael McDonagh directed The Guard and Calvary.

      Also, The Guard was great too.

  11. Thank you for mentioning Captain Power! I loved it and grew up in a world where I only ever saw about 5 episodes my parents recorded and the 2 of the 3 cartoon VHS’s (that I think came with the jets). I have the DVD’s now and have been actually hoping they would modernize the series (creator keeps teasing but I think it’s going to be vapor). Almost everyone I know has no recollection of Captain Power and it’s been killing me – I want to talk about this nearly 30 year old series. Other than that keep doing what you’re doing, I love listening and look forward every week to Laser Time!

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