The Vision revealed in Avengers Age of Ultron promo?


A potential leak may offer our clearest look at Marvel’s red-faced android…

An image surfaced over the weekend and it could very well provide us with best vision of The Vision yet. (Man, that’s fun to say!) It’s not terribly dissimilar to the faintest of glimpses revealed in a series of Comic-Con teaser posters, but what it does show is a rather bold adherence to one of the most visually striking characters in the Marvel universe. It’s not uncommon for superheroes to lose a little colorful detail when being realized for the bigscreen, but this image of Vision (to the upper left of the befuddled Asian gentlemen) seemingly indicates Whedon’s sticking with the good ol’ red, green and yellow!

But is it real? Well, the image has been removed from several sites, so unless there’s a Jennifer Lawrence nipple I’m not seeing hidden somewhere in the Age of Ultron mural, I can’t think of a more official confirmation than that. Speaking on behalf of someone walks around with a Vision charm attached to his 3DS, I’m a very happy boy today! But what say you? This’ll undoubtedly be brought up on the next episode of Cape Crisis, so chime in with your thoughts in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “The Vision revealed in Avengers Age of Ultron promo?

  1. All I know about the Vision is that he got stuck in the Hulk that one time, but I like his costume.

  2. I dunno, might be a big pill for the average moviegoer to swallow. I think maybe a character shouldn’t get a full-on costume till they get their own movie or something.

    1. But it’s a pill the public can swallow, then they can build up a resistance until there’s no telling what we can slide past their gag reflex!

      1. Guardians of the galaxy sugarcoated their silliness pill with fun and 1970’s spontaneity. I can’t see Avengers: Reloaded doing the same thing without upping the dumb Transformers Factor

  3. I only know of him from the awesome arcade game from way back in the day due to me being primarily a DC guy. I have a marvel unlimited acount but half the pages are choped. So reading it on my phone is like walking into a movie half way through and trying to make sense of it.

  4. Look at the rest of the poster, we have bright green, red and blue characters full on display already, it’s not like Vision is going to stick out.

    Even at that distance though, his face does look kinda like Paul Bethany’s. So I’m willing to bet this is authentic.

  5. I’m happy to see Marvel embrace the colorful visuals of their characters. BvS’s Wonder Woman costume looks even drabber now when compared to this.

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