Destiny 4 Dummies – Day One Dumbassery


We’ll be streaming Destiny all damned day. Join up or come along, lollipops!

GT: AnisJustice, ya’ll! Let’s see how long me and my new PS4 can hold out!

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4 thoughts on “Destiny 4 Dummies – Day One Dumbassery

  1. i was honesty concerned with if you would try to stream destiny on day one or not, i mean the shear number of people streaming it on twitch is staggering.
    it doesn’t seem like it would be worth streaming it.
    playing it with friends? yes. streaming it later once the day one dust has settled? sure.
    but i would never jump into that thick nougat of a sea of people all trying to be first to play the entire game, reach level cap, break it as much as they can, and make money while doing it. meh.
    if this was next week, yes.
    today has been so much chaos.

  2. Thanks for streaming it for us few who have yet to pull the trigger on a next gen system. Since ive been jamming on my sega saturn for the past month; destiny looks mind blowingly good! Hope to see some more next gen streams and a couple of classic ones for good measure.

  3. I added Chris to PSN to play but between playing with my other friends, being a lower level than him, and his fireteam constantly being full, I didn’t manage to play yesterday. Hopefully there will be other chances.

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