Cheap Popcast #32: Networking Outside WWE


We pack an extra-long Cheap Popcast by exploring alternative wrestling options outside WWE. We start with the in-house NXT’s epic Takeover 2 event before chatting about true indie promotions like New Japan, Ring of Honor, and Hoodslam!

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20 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #32: Networking Outside WWE

  1. You guys complain about a woman being in a physical altercation literally just because she’s a woman? Thats ridiculous. One of the biggest reasons Trish and Lita were so great was because they didn’t have some magical force field around them that kept any guy at least 5 feet away. They got hit and got put through tables because thats what happens in wrestling. And in keeping with the theme of actual wrestling, they got back at those guys by hitting back, by putting them through tables, by hitting hurricanranas off of ladders and it was fantastic.

  2. Guys, I’m telling you, you need to watch a PWG show. They’re probably one of the two top promotions in the world right now, up there with New Japan. Everything about them is fucking great, they get all the best indie wrestlers from around North America, and put them in crazy matches, with a great sense of fun, and probably the best crowd in wrestling. Sami Zayn, Kevin Steen, and Adrian Neville all really got their careers in the US started there, and they’re consistently putting out amazing shows. They’re also owned and booked by Super Dragon, if any of you guys know him.

  3. Hoodslam sounds like a group of drunk (and maybe high) friends got together, started talking about comics and wrestling, then somehow were wearing costumes and wrestling in an abandoned somewhere.

    I remember reading about david arquette winning a championship belt, didn’t he give it back because him winning it was so stupid? wrestling matches involving celebrities, whoever thought that was a good idea? future topic maybe?

  4. I almost hesitate to say go watch Chikara Pro because it is so out there…Somehow I doubt anyone here will like it, it’s also VERY indy. But man, Chikara is fucking awesome. From the antics of the Colony to Los Ice Creams to the just hilarious Chuck Taylor. Chikara is just fucking great. Youtube it. If you don’t like it, eh not for everyone. But I hope everyone watches it. It’s amazing.

  5. So on NXT take over how many people where grossed out by the crotch shot of Charollete, where here tights got sucked into her labia? Get that lady some better fitting gear BLARGH.

  6. With Chris’ story of requesting for the wrestler to poor the jack daniels, I begin to imagine Chris as a baby bird calling for its mother to give it food.

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