16 thoughts on “Laser Time – Stupid Award Shows

  1. Can one consider the WWE Slammys to be a stupid award show? Or am I to wait for Cheap Popcast for the open-ended discussion on that?

  2. Why does no one like FF12? Maybe I was just so starved for FF after not playing 11 but I really enjoyed it. I personally didn’t love playing FF10 and feel like it was far too linear. 10 and 13 are very similar, in my opinion, and they are my two least favorite entries, outside of the online games which I did not play (along with 1, 2, and 3 which I also did not play).

    1. I like FF12 as well, I don’t LOVE it, but I think it’s a good entry for the series. It got a bad rep for trying a different style of combat, it’s still way better than the dung pile that is FF13 though.

      The other stigma that FF12 carries is it’s troubled development, and how the original director (the man behind masterpieces like FFT and vagrant story) had a different vision for the story and characters, where annoying teenagers and waste of space vaan and penelo were nowhere to be found, and basch was the main character instead. But due to executive meddling, the director got so sick (in every way) and stressed that he quit mid development. Thus being left with an inconsistent story and world in which some elements are great (balthier, Cid and their relationship, the political angle) while others suck or feel out of place. (Again, vaan and penelo have no real relevance to the plot, the occuria shit is boring and contrived.)

  3. Listening to people at award shows talking about and joking about thing they don’t understand/care about always makes me cringe.

    Dark Souls 2 is great, if my level 400 character is anything to go by.

    I liked Final Fantasy 12..

  4. I could listen to you guys rip on country music for a whole episode honestly.
    Being from Calgary makes country music unavoidable and unbearable, especially during the summer when the Stampede is happening.

    1. You don’t even have to be born in a place where they play country music to hate it either XD

      Living in mexico, my exposure to country music was non-existent, but I still find most of it unbearable.

      Of course, I grew up having to endure banda music and reaggeton instead, which make country music sound refined and classy in comparison…

  5. This is weird – there are several Canadians involved in this production. I wonder why that is. This show is before my time in the industry, but I’ve even dealt with Sue Brophey, the director.

  6. I remember enjoying award shows when I was younger. They were a nice break from the normal network TV I was watching at the time.

    As I got older though, I stopped tuning in as much and now I only watch this stuff while hanging with family or through clips that get played on the local news.

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