Come play D4 with us!

[UPDATE: YouTube archive has been embedded below, huzzah!] Join Dave and Chris for the very latest in episodic weirdness with D4, from the maker of Deadly Premonition. Livestream starts at 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern). Be there or you family will… Read more

By C.Ant | 5

Poison Popcorn – Doomwatch

Imagine if Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth was a film that had all of the fun, violent bits ripped out, a nosey, British tit shoehorned in as the protagonist and the fish people were rubber faced locals… Read more

By GG | 3

Cape Crisis #108 – Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Henry and Chris are rocking the mic together for another stupendous episode where we talk about meeting famous comic artists, taking a walk around an old fashioned comic book store, depressing drug dealers, free stand-up in a park, and even… Read more

By Hank | 6