Cape Crisis #108 – Take Me Out To The Ball Game


Henry and Chris are rocking the mic together for another stupendous episode where we talk about meeting famous comic artists, taking a walk around an old fashioned comic book store, depressing drug dealers, free stand-up in a park, and even having some good talk about Dick… Grayson…


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Cape Crisis #108 Question: Whats your best story of meeting a comic creator?

6 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #108 – Take Me Out To The Ball Game

  1. QOTW: recently I was lucky enough to meet co wolverine creator Len Wein at the Long Beach comic con and he signed my xmen days of future past poster. It is currently framed and on my wall in my office because the wife doesn’t consider it art, Henry please forgive her she knows not what she does!

  2. you know, my comment has nothing to do with comics and more to do with the LTN podcasts in general.
    but, i really appreciate the music in the BG. it’s so well leveled. i can hear it, but it’s not obtrusive at all.
    and it’s super hard to replicate for me. I can never get a good level where you can ignore it and hear the people talking but still somehow notice it playing back there. it’s so awesome.

    as far as comics, yes the sales model that they work on is very outdated and the industry is suffering for it. has been for over a decade now. the cover price is absurd these days for the same amount of content we could get 20 years ago. page count hasn’t really increased at all. it’s gross.
    print quality, and creation techniques/tools, everything around comics is advancing except for some of those old outdated models.
    but print quality and higher print runs means comics won’t ever be worth anything except what they mean to us personally. and that SHOULD be what counts what drives the market, our interest in the medium, not how much we will be able to sell the books for when and if we make it to 80 years old. heh
    i lived through the 90s comics boom as a teenager. it was gross. the image documentary “The Image Revolution” is a GREAT look back into all that stuff we fed into.
    this is a disjointed rant that would be better crafted for a video essay series, so off I go to work on that. yay!

    I wish you guys could get some local artists or creators to come through and talk on the cast even briefly or during a convention. ah well.

    also quote of the week, “I’m not your sidekick anymore, I’m gonna’ wear pants!” -henry gilbert, of nightwing to batman
    has there ever been a series about alfred? like his pre batman/wayne family exploits?
    I assume so.

  3. Sorry guys, this is going to way off topic because I am a few episodes behind, but I was listening to you talk about how X-Men aren’t in Disney Infinity and it got me thinking.

    All this speculation about a reboot of the Marvel Universe. Wolverine is dying, Professor X is dead.

    I bet there won’t be a hard reboot, but I suspect Marvel is going to exorcise the X-Men from 616 and put them in their own universe.

    The X-Men have always felt separate anyway, and having mutants running around has always been a problem for the larger Marvel Universe. Putting them in their own universe with no Super Heroes would solve a lot of problems.

    So it won’t be a full reboot, everything will be business as usual just with less mutants.

  4. I heard you guys mention the Brightcove video player and say that it sucks. My wife actually works for that company in the QA department and we’d really like to know why you no longer like it. I remember back in the day at Gamesradar you guys saying that it was great. What has changed?

    Also, about meeting famous comic artists. I had the chance this past weekend to go to the Cincinnati Comic Expo and I got to meet Mark Bagley, my favorite Spider-Man artist. I was kind of sad that his table wasn’t mobbed at all. It’s was mostly empty every time I walked by. It made me want to stop and yell at everyone, “what’s wrong with you people? Don’t you know that that is The Mark Bagey?”

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