Laser Time – What’s Your Favorite Future?


We’re combing the pop culture past to find our favorite futures! From city-sized prisons and dystopian techno-nightmares, to enterprising utopias and a planet ruled by apes, which version of the future do you prefer?


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Closing Jam: “Out Here” by Girls Who Care (Also known as the amazing dotflist!)




47 thoughts on “Laser Time – What’s Your Favorite Future?

      1. Kinda, but the humans in the spaceship honestly looked like they were having a nice time despite Pixar’s best efforts to make it look like a bad way to “evolve”. I mean, sure, everyone is a useless, self absorbed fat blob that forgot what human contact was like… But on the other hand, did you see them fighting? Being unhappy or miserable?

        As far as ” dystopias” go, at least there everyone seemed to be perfectly content to live a banal existence in which they are perpectualy taken care of by machines, while all they ever have to worry any is eating and watching TV.

  1. Gotta go with the equilibrium future where people yell “Sense offense” and “Sense offender.” Kurt Wimmer what happened? Such great promise.

  2. I’m curious.

    Does the fact that the Rooster Teeth guys are making a movie called Lazer Team worry you that it might end up cutting into your brand?

    Or are you instead optimistic that it might get you guys some accidental traffic instead?

  3. Adventure Time is set in the future, so that.

    Also Treasure Planet, just for that air glider thing he has at the beginning or a boat that can sail through space.

  4. Nothing beats cyberpunk. It looks so fucking cool and there’s awesome synth music everywhere, not to mention you get to download everything into your head and be a robot or have sex with robots or be a robot that has sex with robots. Best of all, despite being featured in a lot of things it’s still one of the most underused settings in just about every medium….so it feels so goddamn fresh whenever somebody does something with it.

    Post-cyberpunk (think futuristic settings along the lines of Ghost in the Shell where there’s lots of crazy shit but it’s not a dystopia) is also pretty good.

  5. Why can’t Russia hurry up and blow everything up already? I just want to wander post-nuclear hellholes. That’s it. That’s the only future important to me. I’ll collect bobbleheads and barter with bottle caps. It’s not like I’ll be bothering anybody important. I’ll even repair weapons you’ve worn out over the course of your journeys. Oh, what’s that? You prefer hover cars and glowing swords? Fine. Just know that I despise you with every fiber of my being.

  6. I know Brave New World has had some movie adaptations, but I’ve only read the book. That would definitely be an interesting world to visit.

    1. We left out a lot of books and movies and that’s the one I really regret not bringing up. It’s one of my favorite books and does a great job covering the whole class issue we were talking about (with robots.)

      Everybody go read it. Then be shocked that a company made a prescription relaxant called Soma and thought that was a good idea.

  7. When we talk about the future, there is only one thing to say: I want my Gundam, and I want it NOW. But seriously, any future with giant robots (incapable of independent thought) is a future I want to be a part of. Going to the world of Harlock or Galaxy express 999 might be interesting to, but I want to pilot giant robots with beam swords.

  8. I’m not sure Diana should be allowed to be on without Mikel. Wait, Mikel hasn’t been around for a while, and his wife is moving in on his podcasts. We should dig up her yard, we’ll probably find Mikel there.

    And why wouldn’t Brett “Fan of Star Trek” be on a show about futures? I think Laser Time’s squandering its resources on this episode.

  9. A laser time episode focusing on Nikola Tesla? YES PLEASE!!!! Do try and make it happen Chris!

    Also, you’re wing about Dark Knight Rises. Is not a terrible movie, but it is still the worst of Nolan directed films to date. Too somber and self-important to be as enjoyable as other “lighter” super hero movies, but also too dumb, filled with plot-holes and lacking things to say to be considered a worthy serious film.

  10. Yoshi Ate My Baby mentioned cyberpunk. That is one that is hard to argue. It’s so cool. But if that wasn’t mine I may have to go with Back to the Future. I was just the right age. That shit touched me in bad places. You don’t wanna know what I’d do to get a hover board.

  11. I just watched Sol Bianca another anime with the central plot that humans abandon Earth, worship it, and can’t go back because it is gone. Any anime nerds where this idea is spawned from? Isn’t because we can’t go home but worship it nostalgically?

    Also just started watching The Real History of Science Fiction and is a great expenditure on what these guys are grasping at.

    Diane and her brother seem like the real life version of Lucille and Argyle Auestero.

    1. “Diana and her brother seem like the real life version of Lucille and Argyle Austero.”

      That might be the nicest thing anybody’s ever said to me.

  12. I 100 percent agree with what Chris said in regards to dark knight rises being better than any marvel movie. Captain America 2 was close but not quite on the same level as Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. Guardians was a fun film but did not have the emotional stakes that the Batman films have. Trust me I am a former Hollywood Video employee and self proclaimed love child of Mr Rogers and James Lipton if they abandoned me only to be raised by Monster Visions Joe Bob Briggs. Article coming soon why stallone is better than Clint Eastwood.

    1. I’m predominantly a DC fan, where as I enjoy both and I want them both to succeed, I haven’t listened to the show yet so take this for what it’s worth. With that out of the way, I wanna add though I see where Chris is coming from. One thing that separates Marvel movies from DC movies is the propensity of just fun story telling. Now everything doesn’t have to be fun. But it is nice to have the option. That’s a great alternative to the super serious world of DC. Which it has a habit of being a bit up it’s own ass, and I don’t think that it’s just me seeing that. Again, I do prefer the DC brand. It’s just there is a level of “fun” to be had that DC rarely succeeds at that Marvel just handily achieves. I would read that article btw lol.

      1. Exactly, DC is more grounded where Marvel has fun so they operate in two diffrent styles of story telling. If Bane beats up ironman we know ironman can take it but if drax brakes batman we know he is not getting up. Very genral on my part but we both are on the same page. I watch all three batman films every year but rarely pop in all three ironman or thor movies.

  13. HOW Did you leave Warhammer 40k off of this? IT IS LITERALLY DEFINED BY IT BEING THE FAR FLUNG FUTURE!!!!!!! Sure its a grim Gothic horror of future full of death, destruction, Chaos, and more death, and might not be anyone’s “favorite” version of the future. I mean… it is way way way way bleaker than any dystopian near future, and is kind of depressing. But people definitely love to play games in it. Huge oversight…

  14. Really enjoyed this episode. Surprised it took so long to get to a topic like this, but well worth it.

    Always glad to hear Diana on the show. Really like her point of view on things.

  15. Damn, that was an amazing episode. Y’know, I’d really like to see more Utopias in fiction, and I think the best way to make those stories interesting is for the antagonists to be radical elements who wish to destroy “the system” and return to “simpler times”. We’ve seen a million stories like that, but the rebels always end up being proven right. Just once, I’d like to see champions of science and progress cast as the damn good guys.

  16. Jumping off from what Chris said about Terminator, one of the best things about the Sarah Connor Chronicles was how the inevitability of Judgement day made the characters act almost like villains. When Sarah and John get shunted forward in time a few years, they look around at the superfast internet, smartphones, and research into nacent AI and go “Well, fuck.” The forward march of consumer electronics means Skynet is a foregone conclusion.
    The rest of the show is the Connors along with their pet Terminator Cameron and Kyle Reese’s brother Derek basically being domestic terrorists, making every last ditch effort to stave off the apocalypse just a few days longer.
    Some guy is creating a ultra smart chess program? Steal his computer, burn it, burn down the guys house.
    Some company has connections to new AI research? Corporate espionage to ruin their financials, if that doesn’t work, blow the place off the map.
    The show is all the crazy stuff the Connors did in T2 done over and over again over two seasons. There nothing they won’t do to get one more week of human freedom.

  17. Akira takes place in 2019 and that’s my choice. I want to be in a future motorcycle gang in neotokyo and do a bunch of future meth.

  18. It might be a little bit of a cop out, but I’d be interested to live in the Neo-Gotham of Batman Beyond. Sure it’s still crime ridden hell hole, but Terry and the new Justice League seem to do a good job of keeping people safe, plus all the tech and the city itself are just damn cool.

  19. Hey, about your description of “The Apple…”

    Give em computer for a heart; make em stop, make em start: Tackled in “Almost Human” early this year.

    A record label controls everything and makes people wear the mark of The Beast: Check out “Jay-Z “Do What Thou Wilt.”

  20. I was expecting a bit of time for ‘Brazil’ here. Probably more of an alternate dystopian present-day than future point in time, but should have slipped it in Chris!

  21. I’d like to live in the future that coked-up Peter Dinklage describes in In Bruges.
    It’s about 4:45 in he starts in on his version of the future. I’m on the Black side in that future.
    See In Bruges if you haven’t seen it, one of the most under-viewed great films.

    Also, you forgot that The Fountain goes about as far in the future as any movie ever has. No 2046 reference or In the Mood for Love? No Wong Kar-Wai?
    Before Snowpiercer, In the Mood for Love and 2046 were about life on a train with a goal that’s never reached.

  22. Dear Chris and the rest of the Laser Time crew,

    I just wanted to write this message to say thank you. I was recently dumped(a couple days ago) by my girl and I found myself in that zone of wanting to just shut out the world, but fearful of the resulting silence that would follow. I HAD to keep my mind occupied or I would just lapse back into memories I just didn’t want to “see” or “feel” right now. I thought I could turn to music to distract my mind, but no luck. Nothing seemed to work.

    That is until I put on the most recent episode of Laser Time dealing with “Your Favorite Future”. I was finally able to focus on something else. I was able to let go for 2 hours and just be somewhere else. Like I was sitting around the table, a part of the conversation, even without saying anything. I can’t honestly say what it was about this episode in particular (don’t get me wrong, it was a FUN episode regards of my situation), but something about it was just “soothing” for lack of a better word. I listened to it 3 times in a row and even found comfort in the ending music track you(Chris) recommend by Girls Who Care. I listened to that song in a loop for like 4 hours lol. Something about the beat and the rhythm kept my mind in a much needed tranquil state. Anyway, I felt I HAD to say THANK YOU. Thank you so much for helping me. I hope this reaches you and if anyone ever gives you fine folks any flak, just know you’ve got a big fan in me.

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