Hyrule Warriors – Gameplay LIVE

[UPDATE: YouTube Archive added (LOOK UP!)] The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Last-Gen! Join Chris for the weirdest Zelda game since the CD-i today at 3PM Pacific (7PM Eastern)

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SNL Viewers Club: The Preamble

Hey, Laser-ites! I’ll just lay this on the table: I’m a massive Saturday Night Live fan. (Just about) any era, any style, any cast member–I love what the show does and has done. If you’re like me, then consider this… Read more

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Cape Crisis #109 – I Know That Voice!

Henry, Chris and Dave get together to catch up on a week of zombies, discussing the under-appreciated art of the voice actor, Kara Zor-el, Deadpool in films, and your moments of meeting the biggest stars in comics…