SNL Viewers Club: Chris Pratt & Ariana Grande

After 39 years, too many sketches to count, and an army of talented comedians, SNL’s 4oth season kicks off with host Chris Pratt and musical guest Ariana Grande. If you read that in a late night NBC announcer’s voice, you’ve… Read more

By LaserTony | 6

Cheapy Xbone Stream – Lulz on a budget

Got no money? We can relate! Join the pseudo-employed Chris and Dave for some gaming on the cheap at 3:30PM PST (6:30PM Eastern). Seriously, you can actually play with us today for no money down!

By C.Ant | 5

Super Smash Bros Gameplay: The Beginning!

[UPDATE: YouTube archive embedded below. You won’t believe the whoopin’ Chris gives Grimm!] No, not that Smash Bros, bro. The one you’re most likely to be playing next week, the original Nintendo 64 classic! Join Chris and Grimm as we… Read more

By C.Ant | 6