Super Smash Bros Gameplay: The Beginning!


[UPDATE: YouTube archive embedded below. You won’t believe the whoopin’ Chris gives Grimm!]

No, not that Smash Bros, bro. The one you’re most likely to be playing next week, the original Nintendo 64 classic! Join Chris and Grimm as we dust off this old cart in pursuit of context!

Ahead of this weekend’s impending launch of Smash Bros 3DS, we’re seeing how it stacks up to the first game. The may look more similar than you think…

6 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Gameplay: The Beginning!

  1. Whaaaa-3ds looks way better
    But I love the original, probably the game I played most with mt friends after school.

  2. It sucks that this was so short, I just watched the youtube video and it was probably one of the best streams you’ve done. If you could find another fighting game fan, I’d love to see Grimm host a stream where there’s a new game every week or so. That, or we can watch him beat scrubs.

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