Laser Time – Old Timey Puke


TWO SIMPLE QUESTIONS: What’s your oldest piece of comfort entertainment and what’s the hardest you’ve ever puked? Feel free to answer either below!


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Have a look at Disney Infinity 2.0, lollipops!

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51 thoughts on “Laser Time – Old Timey Puke

  1. Any old Disney movie, off the top of my head its probably…the aristocats. For some reason my mom just collected Disney movies so I have a fondness for a lot of oldies. Hardest I puked…probably the day after I ate an entire big bag of hot cheetoh puffs. I couldn’t throw up for hours and when I finally did it burned any and all openings on my face. It just looked like blood honestly. Haven’t eaten them since

    1. Also for a while id wake up early just to watch this old anime and that was Gigantor. It was the weirdest thing watchin something from the 60s at that age.

  2. My favorite comfort entertainment is playing old survival horror games and the hardest I ever puked was when I had a hiatal hernia in my throat that forced me to throw up my food every time I ate (I lost 120 pounds because of it) for about a year.

    Now, I can eat and I am currently playing Alien: Isolation after finishing RE 4 on Steam. Whoo Lazerteem!!!!

  3. I went over to a friend’s place to hang out, and he decided to feed us some leftover chicken from a photo shoots craft table. To this day, I blame everything on that chicken.
    On the bus ride home I started to get some pretty bad stomach pain, at first I thought it was just gas, and being a good passenger I tried to hold in my farts for the benefit of the people around me. After a while I started to feel oddly nauseous, and I became aware that it wasn’t gas brewing in my stomach, it was 100% pure liquid turd. Desperately trying to hold this in until I could get to the subway, I started to get a bad case of the farty burps (you know, when you have to fart, but you’re clenching your asshole so tight that the farts come out as really gross burps) which just made me feel more sick then I was before. By the time I reached the subway station the colour had drained from my face, and I had become clammy. Clutching my stomach I made my way to the bathroom only to find that it was closed for renovation; my only hope was to get on the train and make it to the next stop without exploding liquids from both ends. Thankfully the wait for the subway wasn’t long, but when I got onboard my motion sickness started to rear its head. Normally the subway doesn’t nauseate me, but being in the state I was I started to gag. Knowing that I was going to vomit at any minute I became terrified that me throwing up would cause my butt to unclench causing me to shit everywhere while I vomited in public, which I was thankfully able to avoid. When the puke hit I was in between “shit waves,” so my turd was too busy preparing its strength for its next assault against the inside of my ass to take advantage of my moment of weakness. While vomiting I went to cover my mouth as a reflex, causing half-digested chicken chunks to shoot between my fingers, run down my arm, and get stuck in the beard I had at the time. A nearby woman gave me a look of disgust and moved further away.
    Having finally reached the subway station, I climbed upstairs and looked down the long hallway towards the bathrooms, only to see a group of paramedics with a stretcher blocking one of the doors. I feebly made my way forwards, hoping that I would still be able to get in. Luckily for me it was a woman who had suffered some horrible medical emergency, and I was able to make it. Now in the washroom I faced a dilemma; I could really feel this shit preparing its next attempt at escape, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop it when it came, but I really wanted to clean my vomit off of myself. I ran for the sink and cleaned my arm off as fast as possible, and then I made it into a stall just in time to drop my pants and shit. I swear to god, I spent a solid minute with nonstop diarrhea exiting my body, while I used toilet paper to clean my face. My beard smelt like vomit until I shaved it off.

  4. I went to my friend’s apartment for board games and laughs, and my friend had provided to us the bottle of vodka from the freezer. It was Bacan, bacon-flavored vodka. He said it was horrible, and me being a man of astute bravery and courage, decided to know what the fuss was about. I took a shot, and it tasted like a blend between dirty vodka with the chemically produced bacon flavoring. It was nasty, so I took it upon myself to to be a hero, and drink the rest of the vodka. There was a 1/3 bottle left and I took it upon myself to finish it, and I did. My friend then in his sadist conviction gave me a 1/4 bottle of Russian Standard, I drank the entire thing. I was three sheets. I said the “C” word every chance I could, proclaimed I vanquished an evil demon, and said I invented the Large Hadron Collider. I went into the bathroom to take a leak and my body didn’t feel that was enough. I vomited at the very same moment I was urinating and still had the composure to finish. I then said I was cool to my friends, in which I wasn’t, and then I vomited some more, still declaring that I was a demon vanquisher. I remember waking up with a bucket beside me and my head partially sticking out of the bathroom as I was curled up in the fetal position.

    One thing is for certain, that was the worst I ever vomited, the worst drunk story of my life, and yet lucky to have friends that don’t bring up that story often, unless everyone is drunk.

  5. For me the oldest piece of comfort entertainment would have to be the original Toy Story. The movie came out in 1995 which was also the year I was born, that movie has been my go to piece of cinema for nearly 20 years and is one of my favourite films of all time.

    The hardest i’ve ever puked was when I got food poisoning at the age of seven. Not only was it the hardest i’ve ever puked but also the worst case of the shits i’ve ever had. I missed school for two weeks.

    1. I would also like to add that there is something super comforting about listening to The Beatles at age 19. I know it’s cliche to say it but I do enjoy a good Beatles record with Abbey Road being my favourite.

  6. As a kid (maybe 9-12), I was plenty sick from a bout of bronchitis that hit me annually… I didn’t have an appetite when I was, but my mother insisted I eat things more substantial than soup to keep up my strength. I remember watching “Nuns on the Run” on the couch one of these sick nights, eating a bowl of salad with some shredded cheese and ham on it. Good stuff… but I guess the oil and vinegar in the dressing just wasn’t gonna agree with my stomach right then.

    My parents had a big damn house… basically, we had two acres, and the house took up a large chunk of one. I had to run about a 50-meter dash to get to the nearest bathroom.

    When I turned my stomach inside-out, it was at the end of a full-on sprint, causing my head to shoot forward and down, more than perpendicular to the bowl. At the time, I didn’t knew that the reason you try NOT to do this is that puke comes out of your NOSE. So I’ve got basically non-digested oil and vinegar shooting into my sinuses and out my nose, which made me sneeze and scream while I puked. With all that involuntary sneezing from the burning sensation in my face and head, I produced enough force to shoot some unchewed lettuce of of my fucking nose. I’m surprised I didn’t start shooting blood.

    Also, my comfort entertainment is speedrunning 2D Metroid games.

  7. My oldest comfort entertainment is probably the Sean Connery era of Bond films. Despite being born some 30 years after they came out, I watched them compulsively as a child and he was my favourite Bond until Daniel Craig came along. I still pop the Blu-Rays in pretty regularly.

    The hardest I’ve ever puked was probably when I was sick with some form of a flu in 2004 or 2005 and spent the better part of an hour puking my guts out. It started as I was playing Mission: Impossible – Operation Surma compulsively (despite it being utter shit) until like 2am while seemingly healthy, and then cue the vomit train. The next week or so was met with heavy difficulty in keeping more time, although I stayed away from the game as I somehow blamed it for the sudden sickness.

  8. The most I’ve thrown up was burger king food poisoning on a terrible, terrible Valentines Day. I wish it was more interesting, but it was high school and I was a shithead.

    Oldest comfort entertainment? Avatar from 2009. No, actually Disney’s Robin Hood. Maybe just because it looks and sounds super dated relative to the other more modern Disney movies I had on VHS when I was younger, but it was totally I movie I could watch over and over and over.

  9. Comfort entertainment is easily the Simpsons. I can watch old episodes of the Simpsons anytime and it makes me feel great.

    Hardest I’ve puked it tougher – only because I can’t decide which puke story of mine would gain the title of Hardest. Once I drank enough wine with a friend that I woke up naked in my bathroom around midnight, stumbled into my bedroom and threw up out my window, all over my roof. That was no small feet, as I had to actually remove a screen from my window which is a bitch to do sober. I woke up feeling great until I walked down to the street below and noticed a gigantic white/yellow puke stain on my navy, slanted-towards-the-street roof. Whoopsie.

    Or it could’ve been the time I was celebrating one of my friends becoming of legal drinking age while camping. I woke up and drank a mickey of vodka, smoked a bunch of California medicine and ate an entire box of corn pops all by 10:30 am. The ensuing vomit was again, the entire box of corn pops and vodka! That was a lost day and a hard puke.

  10. Batman Beyond. I love Batman Beyond.

    As for puking, I ate a lot of cupcakes without putting together the copious amounts of grain and dairy they contained, and the fact that I can’t eat grain and dairy in large amounts due to my no-grain, no-dairy diet.

    It went as well as you’d expect. On the bright side, it was Fourth of July, so purple puke!

  11. Parks and rec is my current comfort watching.
    The hardest I ever puked was when I was ten and had the flu. I was in my bathrobe and was trying incredibly hard to reach the toilet, but couldn’t make it and ended up puking AND diarrhea-ing for a good twenty minutes straight, my mother walked in and just immediately started crying. Did I mention this was mothers day?

  12. Oddly enough, mine go together.
    I tend to bring out old Nintendo titles I played as a kid or some old JRPG’s to the same effect.
    The last time I violently vomited my insides out was following a drinking game that used Mario Kart. The rules were pretty ridiculous, in hind sight, I should’ve known what was going to happen.
    However, I still can’t drink Jack Daniel’s to this day – way too much of it came back up.

  13. I don’t think I have any kind of comfort entertainment. I rarely revisit anything I’ve watched or played already, and if I do it’s only to refresh my memory, but I never go back to something with any kind of regularity. There’s so much new to see, watch, read and play.

    Anyway, back when I was in college, trying to be social, and before I realized I didn’t really enjoy drinking, I went to a party in a friend’s house. And they decided that the drink of the night would be to mix two bottles of Smirnoff vodka, one of orange liquor “Curacao”, Squirt and orange juice inside a gallon container. And then we played a drinking game in which I repeatedly lost and drank like 5 cups of that mixture in less than one hour.

    The result? I bolted into the bathroom and hugged the toilet for around 40 minutes, puking my guts out almost non-stop, to the point that at the end I think I was spewing nothing but gastric juice since nothing else was in my stomach. I was so fucked up afterwards that I just stayed the night in that friend’s house… And to add insult to injury, I woke up in the middle of the night and puked in the bed of his spare room. To this day, I can’t smell Orange Liquor without feeling nauseous.

  14. I grew up a fan of The Marx Bros. thanks to my dad, my parents had me at a late age so it was their nostalgia. I even owned a box set of all 9 of there movies on DVD, it’s good stuff. Also I loved Harry Lloyd in DUmb and Dumber.

  15. I’m sure you’ll only read Bladed Falcon, Turbo Bison, or CodyStovall’s comments, but here goes! My oldest piece of comfort entertainment is Master of Orion 2 for pc. It came out in 1996 and I still play it till this day. My hardest puke was when I ate 2 plate filling burritos and had two beers on top of that. My friend then said that we should do a shot of whiskey. I don’t do well with whiskey so the minute I swallowed it, I said, “I’ll be right back”, and barely made it to the bathroom before I puked in the general direction of the toilet. My entire meal, including hors d’oeuvres that I didn’t mention before, and all the liquid I drank actually made it into the toilet. From 3 feet away. Then I took a huge breath and did a second massive and forceful spew. Epic!

  16. I would have called this episode Comfort Puke. But to the question: “Grand Old Flag” 1906, I hum it to myself sometimes to clear my head. Still one of my favorite comfort media is the Ole’ T-Dar.

    And although It wasn’t “hard” there is still an stain under my bed from a particularly orange blast of chewed food past.

  17. I’ll start by saying I enjoy going to the opera. The workmanship, the great music, amazing set pieces, and utterly ridiculous plot lines. If I was to suggest an Opera, it would be either Verdi’s Trombadore or Puccini Turandot. Just read the synopsis before and watch. I am not even trying to sound snooty, but opera are really awesome.

    I do have one great/horrible barf story. When I was 10 at sleep away camp, I was thrown a birthday party. My present was unlimited Ice Cream Sandwiches and Hawaiian Punch. After eating at least 5 Ice Cream Sandwiches and drinking 6 cups of Hawaiian Punch, I was waking back to the bunk as normal. On my way to the bunk, my stomach imploded. So as I was running to the toilet, and just as I reached the bathroom, I covered the entire bathroom floor in bright red puke. It smelt like Ice Cream, looked red as blood, and made it only my 3 worst birthday ever!

  18. I’ve watched every movie they mentioned at least twice – they all get my Classic Film Snob seal of approval. Solid choices if you’re looking for somewhere to start with classic movies (I’m looking at you Tranquilbez22. Go watch “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” or “Roman Holiday” and report back. They’re both on Netflix streaming.)

    “North by Northwest” was the movie Chris was thinking of with the $2 fine for drunk driving. I recommend that as a good starting point for Hitchcock. Very fun, moves fast.

    Oh, I once had two baby teeth pulled, and they loaded me up with so much novocaine I threw up. With open holes in my mouth.

  19. My comfort entertainment would probably be Terminator 2, as it’s definitely the movie I watched the most when I was a kid. Takes me back to a simpler time where I could live off Coco Pops and my sister would want to watch literally anything but Terminator 2.

    Hardest I launched chunder? Drinking at a friend’s house when my group of friends started to get a tad rowdy, and we all got into a fight. Unfortunately I got a big ol’ knee to the gut on a stomach full of alcomohol, which caused me to lay next to a tree in pain for a good half an hour. My friends came over to ask if I was okay, which when I opened my mouth, a huge, vodka tasting firehose of red acidic sweetness propelled itself all over myself. I stood up, thinking that the building had been evacuated, when another river flowed out onto my friends new Converse shoes.

    1. Erhhh I’ve listened to the episode now and realised you guys were talking OLD entertainment. I guess like Chris the oldest movie I can go back to constantly is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Tried to show it to a few people but the run time is such a bitch.

  20. For me, my favorite “old” movie is His Girl Friday. I first saw it while at home alone on TCM, and I’ve loved it ever since. It’sa screwball comedy in the truest sense, with excellent dialogue, insane plots, and great settings. Please watch it, its on Netflix.

  21. I’d say for me, it’s either The Little Princess with Shirley Temple, or The Jungle Book with Sabu. They used to show those on KQED quite a bit when I was a kid, and both are terrific adventures.

  22. I go out of my way to find and watch any full 1970’s basketball game, i swear I’ve watched game 7 of the 1970 NBA finals at least 100 times.

    As for the hardest time I puked? I don’t know, sometime when I was sick.

  23. Comfort entertainment – The Andy Griffith Show. I have the first five seasons on DVD and have watched them over and over and over. Season 6-8 don’t count. That’s after Don Knotts and Jim Nabors left the show and Ron Howard was an awkward pubescent.

    Hardest time I puked – I had a stomach virus in high school. I ran into the nearest bathroom I could find which happened to be the ladies room. I then spent the next 3 years hearing about it endlessly from my classmates.

  24. I love watching old samurai flicks: Yojimbo, Sword of Doom, HariKari, basically anything with Tatsuya Nakadai or Toshiro Mifune. Awesome scenery, costumes, and sword fighting (The last ten minutes of Sword of Doom are insane).

    In regards to vomiting, I once ate a buffalo chicken pizza at a Pizza Hut in the Phoenix airport and proceeded to blow chunks all over an airplane lavatory. The only lavatory was at the front of small plane. I barely got there in time and started throwing up as I opened the door so the passengers nearby could catch a glimpse. My glasses flew off and I got vomit all over a new pair of shoes. Luckily we landed soon after, but the walk of shame back to my seat still haunts me. All I could do was apologize to the steward as I departed the plane.

  25. Currently I watch Always Sunny. Such a great show that never fails to make me laugh out loud.

    But for pure “comfort watching” it’s Bugs Bunny. Had a VHS taped off the TV when I was a kid and recently literally wore that out. Fortunately I’ve upgraded to the blu rays. Every one of those cartoons are great and I will never not love them,

  26. My favourite old timey thing to watch for comfort is a medley of Christmas cartoons on vhs taped from tv, complete with partially cut off commercials from the late 80s. The tape includes Mickey’s Christmas Carol and Bluetoes the Christmas Elf. My brother and I watched this tape to death when we were kids, and tradition dictates that we watch it together at least once every Christmas.

    The hardest I’ve ever puked would be that one time I found out that I’m allergic to penicillin. I was 12, had an ear infection and was in a lot of pain. I thought I’d been feeling sick for days because of the infection. Turns out my body was voicing its increasing intolerance for the drugs I was taking. Finally it decided it had had enough. There was no warning. I projectile vomited all over my parents’ living room.

  27. I think I jumped the gun too quickly when I proclaimed that “When Actors Sing” was the funniest episode of the year.

  28. I wouldn’t call it “comfort” entertainment, but Metropolis is the oldest movie that I really love (Beatles music is probably the oldest thing that counts as media comfort food).

    The hardest I’ve puked was when I had pneumonia in 2012 and at the worst point I would just keep throwing up every five minutes. I’d make sure to drink some water after each time just so I had something to throw up in the near future because I knew it was going to keep happening no matter what I did.

    My most interesting puke story happened at an amusement park. I get motion sickness easily and it happened at the top of a ferris wheel. The ride had stopped and we’d be getting off soon, so I thought I could hold it, but I was wrong. I puked from the top of the wheel and it landed in a guy’s sombrero at the bottom. I didn’t dare look down to see what his reaction was.

  29. My puke story involves a road trip across the US midwest up to the Canadian west coast during the summer of 2005, I was 10 or 11. My family and I were travelling from Minnesota up across the border to get to Alberta, where we would stop to visit family. Looking for something to eat with little options, we stopped at a gas station in Montana and bought some sandwiches they were selling. The good news, I got food poisoning from the sandwiches! Immediately my body went into vomit mode, and we had to stop periodically so that I could puke on the sides of roads across Montana until we crossed the border, and then continued puking once crossing the border.

    We got to the home of one of my Mom’s sisters who we were staying with around 7:00 pm. I immediately passed out of exhaustion from all the puking, and somehow slept for the next 18 hours, at which point it was time for dinner. Suddenly I was craving milk and drank a ton of it at dinner, as well as enjoyed a large Blizzard from Dairy Queen afterwards. Apparently drinking too much milk gives you cramps and I woke up 5:00 am the next morning with terrible abdominal pain. My parents thought my appendix had burst so we went to the hospital at 6 am on a Saturday but luckily it was only cramps.

    Ironically, the next day we drove through a First Nations settlement called Fort Whoop Up

  30. My oldest piece of comfort entertainment is the 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still. Introduced to me by my dad, who almost exclusively watches either westerns or WWII movies, it was what spurred me into a love of sci-fi. I love to revisit it at least once a year. It’s message is, I think, still relevant to this day. A classic if there ever was one.

  31. I don’t really have any comfort entertainment – I just watch or play whatever I’m in the mood for that day.

    Barfing: Someone on the show mentioned that they used to think that “drinking” meant “drinking until you barf” and that’s basically what I thought at first, too. Luckily, it never happened, and after a few years I practically stopped drinking except on rare occasions because I was getting too “all or nothing”.

    So, my most memorable barfing story is from Kindergarten. I was at a crappy daycare after my half-day of school and the owner made mac and cheese. I don’t remember if I had ever eaten it before this, but after a bite, I instantly felt nauseated. I bolted to the bathroom and half of the kids followed me (out of interest) with the owner right behind them yelling “go for the toilet!” I made it as far as the sink before it all came out and she was pissed. Ever since then, even just the smell of mac and cheese makes me feel sick.

  32. I remember being in primary school and feeling sick, so i went to the teacher said so, but there wasn’t time so i sicked into the nearby bin. BUT the moment I puked was the moment i let out a loud fart. Years later i would think back on time and remember how quiet the classroom was.The end

    So a puke and a fart story.

    I’ve also been sick to the point my stomach is empty, I’m puking bile and my stomach hurts, but that’s not as interesting or fun.

  33. Every year I watch the Original Universal classics, Invisible man and Dracula. Everytime the films get better. One Halloween while at a party some fellow gym bros posed the question. What does vodka, Goldschläger and redline taste like. I unfortunately answered this question and endded up turning lime green and throwing up for the next 24 hours including on the way home in front of a school bus full of grossed out kids.

  34. I’m not sure if this qualifies. Unlike a lot of people, my oldest entertainment is not in the form of movies or TV shows, but music. A couple years ago, me and my bestfriend were doing the drugs (California medicine) in his basement. When we “smoke up”, he usually puts on music. Mostly his choices are not to my liking (Daft Punk, Deadmau5, etc) but this time he puts on something that I would never thought to hear from him, the Beatles. I have heard a few Beatles songs before this, but this time I felt like it changed me. Of course its probably the drugs, but it was the best thing I have ever heard. The next day, I downloaded the album and still thought it was still the best thing I heard even without the influence of drugs. I then proceed to go to a music store AND BUY THE FUCKING CD. 2 Years later, I’m still listening to them and I can’t listen to anything else…IT HAS TO BE THE BEATLES. It even extends to beyond music. After Graphic Design classes, I go down to the library and pick a biography of them, sit down, put on my headphones, and read about the Beatles while listening to the Beatles. Like, I said I’m not sure if this qualifies, but it’s probably the oldest entertainment thing I like that even though its before I was born.

    I don’t have any good puking stories. I do weed and drink a lot, but haven’t puked since I was 8. Oh, I’m 22 years old now.

  35. Got a 2 way tie for puke stories, both happened within in maybe a year of each other.

    First happened after i decided to top of an awesome Sunday breakfast of made from scratch sausage gravy, biscuits, and eggs with a pepsi. I grabbed a pepsi on the way out the door, to whatever terrible mall kiosk job I was working senior year of high school. Within 30 minutes of me clocking in the grease and sugar began to churn. “It’ll be fine, just some indegestion.”, I thought. By the end of the first hour of my shift I called up my supervisor and told them I needed to leave sick. My coworker showed up 30 minutes later with a Johnny Rockets burger covered in extra grilled onions, the beast churned again. I then shouted at him, “It’s about fucking time, I was going throw up on some customers!’ I then ran to my truck and drove home with the seat leaned back to relieve some pressure, it was gonna be a rough 15 minute drive home. I arrived home and burst through the front door like a puke filled Kool Aid man and bolted to bathroom, where I sprayed the foulest, thickest, and saltiest mixture to probably ever come out of a human body for a good 2 hours.

    Next was a few months later. I was in between high school and college, with no job and a friend was throwing a party. The guy basically bought a bar to celebrate, because he got his first decent job. I started out with 3-4 beers, then a margarita, then my ex showed up. I then proceeded to take 16 shots of vodka, 3-4 tequila shots, and another margarita, all of this in about a 2 hour span. Then the blackouts happened. I remember hearing, “He’s gonna puke! Someone roll him on his side so he doesn’t choke!”. I then remember another friend of mine, throwing up over me as I slept to the side of the toilet. Then a few hours later, as that friend slept in the tub, the liquor needed to come out a different path. I closed the shower curtain and sparyed a different way, while this is happening I hear someone approach the bathroom door and say they were gonna check on us. I hadn’t the clarity to lock the door and someone came to me taking a horrendous shit, immediately turning around and shouting, “Yeah, they’re good!” I slept it off a few more hours and drove off at daybreak. I then threw up in the comfort of my own home the entire next day.

  36. what cartoon is that puking gnome from? i keep seeing it but have no idea?!

    1st time i got drunk with my sister and her freinds i puked from laughing so hard that chow mein noodles hung out my nose like i had snorted an octupus

  37. Iron Giant is always my go to movie.

    One night when I was 19 I decided to play liqueur pong while drunk. I ended up throwing up all over the floor next to the couch I was laying on and then fell in it, claiming I was “cleaning it up.” My friends threw me in a bath tube and convinced me that I got a back tattoo with my last name on it and I was super disappointed in myself for the rest of my drunken haze.

  38. One of my favorite Jimmy Stewart performances (a surprising one too) is in the 2nd Thin Man movie. The first 2 in that series (before they get a kid) still hold up really well. The dialogue is uncharacteristically snappy for something from the 30s, and these movies feature maybe the strongest female character of the time (and really ever) in the smart, rich, hard drinking, Nora Charles.

  39. Several years back, I woke up not feeling well at all.
    “I know, I’ll sit up for a bit. That should help!”
    Sitting up doesn’t help.
    “I know I’ll eat a slice of bread and saltines! Those are good for upset stomachs!”
    The bread and crackers didn’t help.
    “I know, a nice hot shower will make me feel better!”
    While making me clean, the shower isn’t helping.
    “I know, using this nice scented body wash will make me feel better!”
    The smell of the body wash is what sets me off. I didn’t want to throw up all over my feet, so I decided to try my best to throw up into the shower drain. However, I pitched forward due to the whole ‘I’m starting to throw up’ thing, and I smash my face into the shower knobs. While throwing up.

  40. Definitely has to be Ahhnolds “PREDATOR”…I can literally lay down with a blanket and some soup on a cloudy day and watch Dutch’s team get picked off..As far as puking…I was 9 and went to a Chinese Buffett and they had a huge sign that said if you didn’t eat half your plate they charge you double. We had some of my parents with us and they were treating and felt forced to finish my food. I have never since in my life puked sooo much in a twelve hour period.

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