Anime Watch: Seven Deadly Sins Episode 1

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Of all the shows I was going to be covering here, Seven Deadly Sins was always my “safety” for the anime season–my go-to series to reassure me that there will be at least one show I’ll enjoy.

I’m always careful with every adaptation, so I was reserved, but after its first episode, Seven Deadly Sins should scratch that shōnen itch that shows like Bleach, One Piece, or Naruto used to (unless A-1 Pictures decides to completely change the series midway through, of course).

Seven Deadly Sins is a tad predictable, and follows the usual shōnen tropes, but every now and again, I like that in a series. When I’m bogged down with so much to do and want something to help remove that stress for 20 minutes a week, shows like Seven Deadly Sins are a great way to provide that release. Having read all of the chapters of the manga that’s currently running, Seven Deadly Sins gets rather addictive, and I couldn’t stop turning page after page after page and am eagerly waiting for more chapters. I don’t expect the same excitement from the anime, mainly for the reason that I don’t have the series in front of me entirely. If it were instantly accessible as the manga and all there from the start, I could see it as terrific anime series–barring it’s able to set up and deliver on cliffhangers and plots like the manga did. We’re only one airing in of its 24 episode, two-cour (season), and it’s way too soon to claim if this is even a watchable series, but the first episode was a great world-building  introduction to a couple of our main characters.

Meliodas and Elizabeth immediately hit it off, and help one another on their searches for the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins: an organization of knights that are now wanted after supposedly betraying the kingdom. As you could imagine, Melidoas is naturally one of the seven, and is on a quest to reunite them all. Elizabeth (no, she’s not one of the Seven) is sure that they’re not as bad as everyone thinks they are–to her, it’s more that the Kingdom is corrupt. Elizabeth is a bit too trusting of Meliodas, especially when she awakens to find him groping her, yet does nothing about it and even thanks him (but hey, anime right?). Pervy fan service aside, Seven Deadly Sins’ first episode moved at great pace, never being too slow or fast, and providing just enough answers for a lot of the questions raised (which I lambasted in my World Trigger review), but Seven Deadly Sins never threw too much at you. We don’t know why Meliodas looks nothing like his wanted poster, or why he just now wants to find the other Sins. But we have the essential plot, characters, and motivations, so let’s go!

Tensai Okamura (Sword Art Online, Blue Exorcist) really helped in bringing Seven Deadly Sins colorful world to life and making the fights, albeit short, seem very over-the-top and powerful. Add in Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill) and his always-stellar composing, and you have a series that has already gone above and beyond what other series have tried this season.

Seven Deadly Sins is not going to be breaking new ground in storytelling, but it’s a simply enjoyable series to watch or read, and has presented itself as a series that will likely be an enjoyable couple of seasons. New episodes every Sunday evening, but sadly no streaming with Crunchyroll has been announced (it isn’t likely at this point). You can be sure to find my review of every episode here though, along with the 6 other anime I’m covering for Laser Time. See you next time, nerds!

3 thoughts on “Anime Watch: Seven Deadly Sins Episode 1

  1. Just wanted to say keep the reviews coming man! Watching more anime lately and Lasertime is my new go to source for anime reccomendations!

    1. Whaaaaa? What a rad compliment, thanks for the awesome comment! That means a lot, and I’ll do my best to keep them coming. Working on Gundam Reconguista’s 3rd episode, Fate/stay night, World Trigger, and Seven Deadly Sins’ latest episodes now!

  2. I can only hope the Geera/Guila fight blows the screen off my computer/ I’m waiting to see Matrona and Gowther. Probably not gonna see Gowther this season though, which is a shame.

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