Laser Time – Lil’ Toons


They’re all a little looney! Little being the operative word here, because we’re combing through the best/worst of teen-aged, babified, or otherwise diminutive versions of famous cartoon characters!


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Have a look at Disney Infinity 2.0, lollipops!

Be sure to check out our Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes stream in case you missed it, as well as a ton of other undiscovered beauty on the Laser Time YouTube Channel

30 thoughts on “Laser Time – Lil’ Toons

  1. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m so happy this is happening. I think this was teased like > a year ago. Thanks dudes!

  2. Oh god this is finally happening… I’m sure there’s gonna be some weird flashbacks occurring thanks to this episode.

  3. Uh oh, its finally this topic. Why can I hear the lines from the Emperor?

    “It is unavoidable. It is your destiny.”

  4. Young Robin Hood was another terrible cartoon.

    I only watched Flintstone Kids for Captain Caveman Jr. The guys sort of gloss over the fact that, in the 80’s, for much of the country, there were only three channels, one PBS channel, and if you were lucky a few UHF channels, until Fox added one more channel, and sometimes there were three unappealing shows on at the same time, but you still had to watch something. These shows usually fall into that area, when it seemed better to watch a crappy cartoon than go outside, or read a book.

  5. Man, the synergy between my brain and the crews on this stuff is insane.

    Literally, the ONLY thing I remember about Pup Named Scoobie Doo was Red Herring and the ONLY thing I remembered about Pebbles and BamBam was BamBam having to be in a shower to sing.

    Also, back in the day, I always though Preemie was just some word for a specific age range of baby, like infant or toddler.

    I didn’t put it together until I heard you guys reacting to it that it was short for, like, premature birth.

    1. Speaking of things I just realized, I always knew the Laser Time theme was from the NES Silver Surfer game, but I just noticed this week(, that you also spliced the beginning of Final Countdown in there.

  6. About halfway throught this episode and its awesome. Not sure if the Beatlejuice cartoon gets mentioned. If so please disregard. If not; does it qualify? It was a “Tinny Toon” version of the film. I remember watching it but have no recollection if it was good or not? Due to this “Momento” like gap, im leaning towards no. Thanks and keep up the animation episodes. Captain planet, mighty max or recycle rex retrospective? Jk

  7. Great episode! While Muppet babies and tiny toons was a big part of my childhood I had completely forgot about just about all of the others. God I hated a pup named scooby doo.

  8. I love the fact you included the Sonic Boom song in the background for part of it, When I hear that song I think of two things 1. Playing Guile on SF4 with that song playing and 2. A mash up of that song with Guile from the USA Street Fighter cartoon, where he is saying SONIC BOOM instead of the singers.

    that preemie cabbage patch commercial. I forgot about those. O_O
    this episode tho. it was great! so many great cartoons I hadn’t thought about in a long time, and by great I mean tragically delicious.
    i feel like there were a lot more babification shows than what you guys talked about.

    also… can’t teenification of characters be its own episode? PLEEEEZ?
    it would be SO effing hilarious!

  10. honestly… while I love this episode, it depresses me so much. not because this stuff is now in our past, but because i’m an unemployed animator and this era of animation is part of what made me want to be an animator.
    times have changed. it strange strange ways.

  11. After listening to this, I really wonder how well Muppet Babies holds up. I remember watching that show constantly when I was a kid, but can’t recall a single detail of any of it. And, needless to say, I remember the rest of these shows being absolute and unrepentant trash. Great episode, guys.

  12. Young Hercules was a spin-off from the 1990s syndicated television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. It was aired on Fox Kids from September 12, 1998, to May 12, 1999. It lasted one season with 50 episodes and starred Ryan Gosling in the title role.

  13. I’m disappointed that after your mention of Bruce Willis’ miserable foray into a singing career as Bruno, that you didn’t bring up his terrible cartoon Bruno the Kid! It’s just about as bad as you can imagine.

    But seriously, not disappointed in you guys at all! Great episode, glad to have WOW BOB MACKEY make his triumphant return.

  14. I didn’t really come to this realization until around half-way through the episode.
    I have never watched a show with aged down versions of pre-existing characters.
    Muppet Babies, Tiny Toons, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, never seen a single moment of any of them.
    Regardless, I found the episode immensely entertaining.

  15. Oh yeah. If they do another live action Scooby movie. I think there’s what? Four now? Anyway, Red Herring should totally be in it. That would be spectacular.

    1. Yes. Yes it does. And I forgot that show too. Now I’m hearing the theme song in my brain. Not quite doo-wop, but almost from the same school of music… like The Chordettes.

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