Anime Watch: Terra Formers Episode 3, ” To the Planet of Calamity”

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Okay, at this point, Terra Formars has reached a level of sheer awfulness. It’s like a train wreck: it’s so bad, you know it’s bad, but you can’t look away. I adore this series, I adore its censorship, and I now eagerly await its new episode every week. No, I’m not being facetious; this show is amazingly bad, and I love watching it!

The plot is moving along a brisk pace, which is good–we only have 13 episodes to save mankind, so time is of the essence! The looming threat of Terra Formars among the crew was dealt with thanks to the 6 captains on board who made short work of the threats, but an interesting development came from the reveal of the Plan Delta. It seems as though those on the ground are very concerned about this planet seemingly planting Terra Formars onto the ship, rushing the landing onto Mars, and splitting up the crews into 6 teams to continue their mission. Now split up, the crews are officially on Mars and beginning their mission to gather samples for the AE virus. This is a pretty poignant moment for the show too, as we’re finally shown what the medicine is for. It’s a serum used to expedite the crew member’s strengths and allow them to fight the Formars. Although we only get a few brief shots of what they can do, it’s safe to say that as long as they have the serum, they can hold their own against the natives of Mars.

Or can they? Every time it seems as though the crew have an upper hand, the Terra Formars remain the dominant species and take a head (literally and figuratively). They are on Mars now, and the cockroaches have been here for a few centuries; they’re used to the atmosphere, gravity, and everything else. The humans are going to have a hell of time fighting, especially with the limited serums they have. With each team scattered about and only 40 days to complete their mission, will they even survive until the rescue ship arrives? It seems as though the deck is heavily stacked against the Annex teams, and quite frankly, I can’t stop watching thanks to the rate that characters are dying and getting utterly decimated. I know I’ve shat on this series, and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so, but beside the terrible, laughable censorship I can’t keep myself from learning the future of our crew(s).

Terra Formars is a show I would have dropped from episode one, and I’m only sticking around to continue to watch it because of the obligation I’ve made to myself and Laser Time. But, you know what, this is also a show I wouldn’t mind watching in a drunken haze, or in the background on Netflix while doing some other things. It’s not unwatchable, just really, REALLY stupid and mindless. Obviously, there are plenty of other shows to spend your time watching, but this could easily be a show to recommend to someone because it’s so bad, you have to see it–at least the heavy censorship and brutal killings.

It’s not quite Attack on Titan levels of “oh man, despair and depression,” though, because they give you no reason to care about the crew members other than they’re humans. I know that sounds awful, but at least Attack on Titan had some backstory and motivation. Terra Formars is “the planet’s dying and you need to fix it–GO DO IT!” I’m not a regular supporter of Attack on Titan, but I’d recommend it a thousand times before Terra Formars. Oh well, onto next week, eh? Stick to Laser Time for more anime content.

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