Anime Watch: World Trigger Episode 2, “Neighbors and Trion Warriors”

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The slow pacing continues and the humdrum setting resumes, but the world building keeps happening, possibly makeing World Trigger a series that could eventually turn into a bearable show. It’s still not recommendable, nor worth your time yet, but if this kind of storytelling can continue, I see some slight redemption in World Trigger.

I know that sounds rather negative and it has only been two episodes, but when you’re a highly rated manga making your big-time anime debut, you should be coming strong from the start, not having viewers dreading a new episode every week. If you follow most anime fans’ “rule of three’s” when it comes to watching anime, World Trigger should fall under that umbrella. It has such an interesting, albeit cliché, idea of world crossing, world invading, and aliens invading another world, presented in a nice art style, but with poor animation. Toei Animation–you know, the studio behind Dragonball Z–are handling this adaptation, and just like the bi-weekly Sailor Moon Crystal, the animation leaves a lot to be desired.

We learn more of what Yuma meant when he informed Osamu that he was a neighbor last episode, despite the invaders being named Neighbors. They’re actually known in Yuma’s world as Trion Soldiers, originally created as drones designed to do various duties. This is the world building the first first episode really needed, but again, I’m up for giving the series some time to grow. It’s being compared to a lot of terrific series this season and seasons past, so it’s got a pedigree to match for me personally.

All of that said, I enjoyed this episode much more extensively than the premiere episode. There was a great tease of action to come, as well as the introduction of several Border agents–yet not quite giving them enough attention, something the last episode’s preview seem to tease.

It seems from last week’s comments I’m not the only souring on World Trigger, and I would have already dropped it had I not made the commitment to Laser Time to write about it. I’m trying to stay positive.

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