The Best New Amazon Releases of the Week – Bayonetta, Baby!


Bayonetta 2, DBZ, The Walking Dead Collection, Fantasia, Snowpiercer and more! Shop, save, support Laser Time…

Hey there, folks. It’s been a while but we’re back with a brand new list of the latest and greatest releases Amazon has to offer. Below you’ll find some new release highlights, comic book recommendations, and a guide to upcoming video game pre-orders. How does this help us? If you’re thinking of shopping on Amazon, simply use the links below, or any time on the right-hand side bar. It’ll cost you nothing, but earn Laser Time a small commission to help us keep the lights on. Even if you don’t want the specific products listed below, simply entering Amazon through one of those links and browsing like normal can help us out a whole lot as long as you purchase what ever you do want in the same visit. Thanks so much, guys – ONWARD!

Super Smash Bros. 3DS
I know this is late, I know you probably already have it, but I had to recommend it anyway. In the past, Smash Bros. coverage has always been more exciting to me than the actual game. I never played much of it, and even my friends who constantly played fighting games never cared enough about it to toss it into the mix. But for whatever reason, I’m completely hooked on the game, and yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m one of those few, proud, ogre-fingered oafs who broke their 3DS analog stick while repeatedly unlocking trophies and losing online. Speaking of which, like any quality Nintendo game, the online is somewhere between “afterthought” and “total garbage.” But what breaks my heart the most is that I can’t stream it. However, all that fun I had with you guys in Mario Kart 8 is only a few weeks away with the release of Smash Bros. Wii U. At that point… it’s on. Until then, here’s my 3DS friend code: 1805-2255-0241. I’ll probably never play with you.

SUNUVABITCH! I had completely promised myself I’d see this movie, since it’s been out on demand for a while. It’s the classic story of a classist train ride across a frozen Earth raped by climate change… perhaps you heard us discuss it in Laser Time’s Favorite Future episode? Why did I wanna see this so bad? Not only did it’s premise sound intriguing, it looks visually astonishing, and I believe at one point it was one of the highest-rated movies of the year according to critics. And then, after watching two trailers, I come to find fucking Captain America is in it. SOLD!

Bayonetta 2
Look, guys… it’s high time we had a discussion about sexism in video games. You see… AHAHHAH-JUST KIDDING, BAYONETTA’S AWESOME! I genuinely believe Bayonetta was one of the best new IPs of the last-gen, and I doubt many of you will disagree. But even though I was heartbroken that it’s taken this long to get a follow up, I’m outrageously ecstatic that Bayonetta 2 comes with the first game fucking free. And you should be excited too, dammit! I’ll be honest though, one of the most memorable things about the game for me was the plethora of winks and nods to gaming’s past. And from what I hear, those lovely references to Sega and Capcom products of yore, is now bolstered with Nintendo nods, which is only fair, since Bayonetta is basically imprisoned on the Wii U. I know Platinum fans are currently shitting themselves into a blind rage waiting for Bayonetta 2’s impending failure, so I sincerely encourage anyone who owns a Wii U to just go ahead and pick it up sight unseen. It’s two games for the price of one – you can thank me later.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods
I’ll refrain from my usual mockery of all things Anime. I had no idea a jibe of casual disinterest would leave so many of you so very butthurt. And we got Anime Watch on LT as a pretty regular feature, so who am I to judge?! I can’t remember the specific Laser Time episode, but at that time I checked to see what were the highest-rated animated movies of all-time, and President Goku’s theatrical return was sitting squarely at #1. Higher than Snow White, Toy Story, and yes, even Madagascar 3. I’m sure that has everything to do with objective quality, and certainly not a gaggle of excited man children feverishly up-voting a movie before it was even released, but hey, find out for yourself now.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
If you’re a regular listener of Cape Crisis, then you know just how easy it is to be enraged at Fox for polarizing the Marvel Cinematic Universe based on an ancient desperate, and arguably unfair deal. I believe I’ve stated in the past that I’ve never really wanted to run into an office building on a shooting spree for any reason until I thought that maybe I had a shot of plinking the right Fox executive and returning Marvel’s famous mutants to the MCU. With all that rage, and the utterly abysmal X-Men: The Last Stand in mind, this movie cut through my personal baggage and fucking floored me. It retcons everything I hated previously in the film series, showed me everyone I loved (shy of Nightcrawler), and was a much more emotional ride than I expected. A damn sturdy film I can’t wait to see again, and I certainly hope will be repeated with Singer’s take on Apocalypse.

Fantasia: Music Evolved
You know I love me some Disney! However, I didn’t have a whole lot of expectations for Harmonix’s latest Kinect venture. I appreciate Dance Central, but I do that from a very non-interactive and uninterested distance. I’m not one for Kinect games in general, this looked like it was Disney in name only (featuring no beloved characters), and the tracklist containing, pure pop, classical music, and tired radio hits never lit a fire under my ass. Well, I’m happy to report not only like Fantasia, I kinda love it. My apartment hardly makes for an optimal Kinect experience, which you can see in our recent livestream of the game, where Dave and I can’t actually play the game while standing up (and one of us also gets hit in the face!) But damned if it didn’t work almost flawlessly, with annoying moments of motion wiggle few and far between. There is not one song I played that I love, but they are songs that I know, and the the way Fantasia allows you to interact with, and alter them is nothing short of beautiful. I know this is hardly a sell, but it does what amateur conducting exactly what Guitar Hero did for air guitarists, and that’s a feeling I haven’t experienced in almost ten years. If you got a Xbone with Kinect, I thoroughly recommend this.

The Walking Dead
You probably don’t need me to tell anyone that these games are fantastic. Honestly, it’s not hyperbole to say that they’ll probably change the entire medium of gaming, if they haven’t already. These things take time, but the resurgence of Japanese visual novels coming stateside is proof of what I’m taking about. For years, gamers thought they were getting something called “story” when in actuality it was almost always a reworked first draft of a Chuck Norris movie screenplay, bought to life by the the worst voice actors the industry has to offer in order to loosely stitch together a premise to an array of shooting galleries. Telltale’s The Walking Dead IS story. Taking a slice out of Robert Kirkman’s comic universe and allowing players to choose, good or bad, their own post-apocalyptic adventure is easily one of the most satisfying gameplay experiences of the decade and I can’t sing it’s praises enough. So finally, the digital-phobic among you may finally pick up every episode in one reasonably-priced full season set, with Season 1 debuting on PS4/Xbone and Season 2 for everything else.

Sleeping Beauty – Diamond Edition
Walt Disney died long before the advent of High-Def, hell before the invention of Home Video. Yet Sleeping Beauty is very much Walt’s gift to Blu-ray. This is the only movie to be shot in the ultra-wide Cinerama format, and has an incredibly distinct, jarringly angular look compared to other Disney movies. It wasn’t until its release on Blu-ray that we could finally take in Sleeping Beauty, and it’s seriously one of the best movies ever made, until its release on Blu-ray. That said, if you purchased the Platinum Edition back in 2008, you already own the same 1080p restoration with more special features. I’m guessing Disney’s first ever Blu re-release has a lot more to do with Maleficent marketing synergy, but if you don’t already own this masterpiece (and the old Blu-ray is long out of print) at least the cheaper-than-usual price makes picking up this barebones beauty incredibly worthwhile.

Mad Men: The Final Season Part 1
Man, did I fall off with this show. I was certainly in the camp of people singing its praises, and I believe I called it one of the most important shows of our time. I still kinda stand by that, but something happened to me during the fifth season… I just stopped caring about the characters. I think it was Breaking Bad that did it. Whereas Vince Gillian’s show was a tightly wound, beautifully paced story, I just got tired of looking at Jon Hamm and his friends stroll around their 1960s incubator. Yes, it was, and probably still is an unflinching look at a bygone era that set the bar for spoiled white people who make a lot of money without actually making anything… I just lost interest. Am I wrong? Am I missing anything huge? Let me know in the most spoiler-free way possible in the comments below.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman
Look, I gotta come out right now as a massive Peabody and Sherman fan. Given enough time, I could probably make a convincing argument that it holds up better than a lot of the Rocky & Bullwinkle episodes that contained it, but who’s got the time. I just wanted you to know I’m a massive fan of Dog & Dog’s Boy. Man, that feels good to finally say! Had I come out earlier as a Peabody fan, I’m guessing someone may’ve recommended the recent movie to me if it were any good, but alas. That said, I’m firmly on record as not a huge fan of the tripe dumped out by the Dreamworks Animation factory. But because I love these characters so much, I’ll probably watch this movie. All alone, of course, on a drunken moonlit night so I don’t bother anyone else. That is, unless anybody has a good reason why not to.










listed roughly in order of release date

Call of Duty: Advanced War Fighter *LAST CHANCE*
-Free Day Zero Edition Upgrade: 24 Hour Early Access with Double XP
– two custom weapons, the AK-12G Assault Rifle and CROSSBOW-B2
-Advanced Arsenal Bullet Brass exoskeleton and EM1 Quantum directed energy weapon
Sunset Overdrive *LAST CHANCE*
-Pre-order Sunset Overdrive to get the Day One Edition, which includes two exclusive codes for the Hotty Shotty gun and the Wasteland character outfit . The Day One edition also includes the “Hardcore! Hammer”, “Nothin’ but the Hits” gun, and the “It’s Me! Fizzie!” outfit.
-Finally, the iconic Sting makes his long-awaited WWE debut…but only in WWE 2K15. Pre-order and play as Sting!
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham *NEW*
-Pre-order for FREE Lego Batgirl Keychain!
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
-Receive FREE Pinata Skull (enemies will drop plasma grenade with every melee)
Grand Theft Auto V – PS4/Xbox One
-Pre-order and receive $1,000,000 in-game cash
Super Smash Bros. Wii U
-Contains Super Smash Bros.
Dragon Age: Inquisition 
-Deluxe Edition includes Flames of Inquisition ArmorWeapons Arsenal and Armored Mount
Far Cry 4  
-Free Limited Edition upgrade includes Hurk’s Redemption, a series of three-action packed single-player missions. You’ll embark on an epic quest to find a rare artifact while using “The Impaler” harpoon gun
-Amazon-Exclusive pre-order bonus, the Elephant Double-Barrel Rifle
Assassin’s Creed: Unity
-Every single week through launch, Assassin’s Creed is giving away incredible prizes.
The Chemical Revolution MissionExperience an explosive extra mission that involves a genius chemist, a secret formula and a plot for revenge!
The Armor Splitter Axe: Carve through the thickest armor with ease
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth *NEW*
-Pre-order and receive free Part 2 of the Persona Tarot Cards Collection
Kingdom Hearts II.5 Final Mix
-Pre-order for free Disney Collector’s Pin
The Crew *NEW*
-Pre-order to receive early unlocks for the BMW Z4, Dodge Ram SRT 10, and Mini Cooper S all with their own sets of custom and performance parts.
-The Limited Edition also includes 10,000 bonus Crew Credit.
DriveClub – PS4
-Pre-order for Amazon exclusive instant access to the high-powered Mercedes supercar, access to the RUF RT12 R super car, and a driver level boost
Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat out of Hell  *NEW*
-Pre-order now to receive the “Plague of Frogs Pack” and the “Devil’s Workshop Pack”.
BloodBourne  *NEW*
-Pre-order Bloodborne and receive an exclusive Messenger skin. Messengers are nightmare creatures that follow your Hunter around to help and to facilitate asynchronous online gameplay features within the game.
-Pre-order to receive an exclusive version of these Messengers
-Pre-order for free Monster Expansion Pack
Batman: Arkham Knight 
Pre-order to play as Harley Quinn. Utilize her unique weapons, gadgets, and abilities. Plus, contains 4 Exclusive Challenge Maps

5 thoughts on “The Best New Amazon Releases of the Week – Bayonetta, Baby!

  1. Just watched Snowpeircer and was reminded that Chris Evans is actually a great actor and deserves to do other projects than Captain America. Check out his film London featuring Jason Statham who also is a great actor when he is not in a transporter sequel. Snowpericer is a great film and is dead on with its social commentary.

  2. Snowpierecer was fantastic, and I wished it got a bigger release here in the US.

    Since I have an Xbox One with Kinect and it got great reviews, I should pick up Fantasia: Music Evolved. But I want to also pick up Alien, Sunset Overdrive, Halo: MCC, Shadows of Mordor, Forza Horizon 2. So many games…

    I would buy a Wii U right now if they released a bundle that includes Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101. Big Platinum fan.

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