Cape Crisis #113 – A Scary Good Time


Henry and Chris are joined by the sparkly Anne Lewis to give us some extra insight into horror comics to read in this extra scary episode, then we break down all the DC super-movie news, indulge in another superhero spotlight, and dissect the relationship between comics and New York City. Also, this was recorded before the Age of Ultron trailer leaked, so SORRY, but the reaction to it will have to wait for the next episode…


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Cape Crisis #113 Question: Whats the best deal you ever got on a comic?

19 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #113 – A Scary Good Time

  1. Wow you guys are so unlucky all the most awesome stuff seems to happen like minutes after recording. Once again can’t wait ’til next week!

  2. There was a girl that worked in a local newsagents (’cause I would never knowingly allow this in a real comic-book store) who kept mistaking the issue numbers for the price because obviously the printed cover cost is in dollars and we are not in the States. Getting comics that should have been 2 or 3.99 for a quarter of the price was great but my concience wouldn’t allow me to get away with it for too long.
    Plus she got fired:- probably for forgettin where she worked during her lunch break or something.

    1. Enjoyed the episode, though I don’t get the dislike of Gotham. It’s my favorite new show this season. Gritty and more adult than the superhero shows you see over on the CW. I like the Flash so far, except for Cisco. God I wish that character would just die a quick meaningless death that is promptly forgotten and never mentioned again.

      Also, Ezra Miller isn’t all that. The pics I saw online where he has facial hair look part Shia LaBeouf / part ISIS fighter. Plus he’s a bit to scrawny for my tastes.

      1. Cisco does seem to be trying too hard to be the “dorky but brilliant” comic relief. But he’s harmless enough so far, and he still feels way less forced than Felicity did in early Arrow episodes, and look at Felicity now, easily one of the best characters of the show nowadays.

  3. As for the Comixology sale, I recommend picking up that first volume of Angel: After the Fall. The whole After the Fall storyline (which i think runs to issue 25) is the Whedon-plotted canonical season 6 of the show. Wolfram and Hart basically take the entire city of LA to Hell.
    Also, I very strongly urge everybody to pick up Mystery Society. That book is fantastic. It’s Steve Niles and Fiona Staples on her second big book, right after North 40 and before Saga. It’s exactly what the title says: these two paranormal investigators form a mystery society to investigate monsters and weird happenings. They eventually recruit a real crazy cast of characters, including Jules Verne’s preserved brain in a steampunk cyborg body. One of the other characters is the Secret Skull (an undead goth vigilante driving a Harley) who is the main character of another great book by Niles that’s also on Comixology
    It’s a shame it only ran for 6 issues and an annual, but it has been one of my favorite comics for years. EVERYONE SHOULD READ MYSTERY SOCIETY!! GO PICK IT UP! GET SECRET SKULL TOO!

    1. Nope. But I am however, one of the few who thought Iron Man 3 was the best Iron Man and Man of Steel was bad ass. I also am very excited that DC has their plan made official outside of saying they will do stuff. Whatever stuff is as well as a big cluster muck of a “intro” to the universe. I actually like the idea they are doing a reverse Marvel with many showing up first, then having singles, THEN joining in a team, and even making a part 2. I think it is very different than Marvel and it is what they need to do. Be different. Be something else. Just do not rip them off. Marvel has a great plan laid out. DC just needs to do a different one. But what the fuck do I know?

      I also love Arrow, Flash, and Gotham is decent.

      1. Also, maybe I am crazy. But I would not be against Flash being the first gay superhero. I’m all for playing with the properties. I like new ideas and different takes. I know the faboys don’t but whatever.

        1. I’m fine with flash being gay if they feel that will make the character more interesting.

          What bothers me more is the fact that DC won’t even try to unify it’s movie and TV universes together, and it might just feel weird having one movie version of the flash, and a TV version running around the same time.

          But eh, then again, we’re gonna have TWO movie versions of quicksilver that aren’t related whatsoever. So bleh, I guess these things can’t be helped.

      2. Hey, iron man 3 was a legitimately great movie, the only ones who don’t think so are comic purists that are inflexible about how a comic character can be portrayed. I do think the first iron man is better story-wise, but IM3 is more fun.

        Though Man of Steel is dumb and drab and all over the place, I can’t agree with you there.

        I’m perfectly alright with DC taking a different route than Marvel, but this to me feels like they are overcompensating. And worse, if two or the of those movies don’t work or fail due whatever reason, they will look like fools if they then try to modify their plan after bringing it to light so loudly.

  4. I’ll be listening to this when I go pick up my kids from school. I was looking forward to this episode when the Avengers trailer was leaked. I was really hoping to hear your reactions to it. But I had a feeling that this was gonna be recorded before that happened. So now that gives me something to look forward to next week.

  5. Years ago while at a swapmeet; I found a VG copy of Fantastic Four issue 49, the first cover appearance of Galactus and Silver Surfer. Talked the guy down from a dollar to fifty cents and then asked if he could break my dollar. Didnt feel bad because thats swapmeet wheeling dealing 101. P.S. Nothing like digging through a long box not knowing what your going to find to make you feel alive!

  6. Not sure if this counts as a deal or not but when I was younger my older sisters boyfriend had bunch of comic books and video games at our house, and when they broke up I ended up with about a dozen books. Nothing worth anything but still a couple spiderman and xmen comics for free is a good deal to me! I even got soul reaver 2 and final fantasy 8 in the deal too!

  7. Damn I was hoping to hear some Age of Ultron talk, but hopefully Brett can be around to do it next week. Although, yay for Anne!

  8. Man, comic news seems to always happen just after you guys record. Oh, well, trailer dissection can wait, because this was a spectacular episode. It’s been so long, I had totally forgotten that Anne is the other comics nerd on the Laser Time crew. Come on Cape Crisis more, Anne! You’re great! And you opened the door to further complaints about how Gal Gadot seems way, way too skinny to play Wonder Woman. Although, based on DC’s movie track record, she very well might be recast for her solo film. Sorry, DC fans. Hey, at least your animated stuff puts Marvel’s to absolute shame.

  9. Just wanted to put in a minor nitpick but the reason John Totleben is credited along with Steve Bissette and Alan Moore with creating Constantine is because the collaboration between Bissette and Totleben is closer and more collaborative than most pencil/inker teams. Totleben had his own ideas and was free to rework pages if he felt it was a good idea. He wasn’t just “a fucking tracer” as Henry so eloquently put it. Hell, Constantine came from Bissette and Totleben’s passion for The Police and basically convinced Alana Moore to create Constantine because they wanted to draw Sting.

  10. mine wasnt much of a sale but, i was at comic con this year and bought Mass Effect Library Edition Volume 1, a huge hard cover book of the first 4 comic series in the mass effect: Redemption, Evolution, Invasion, and Homeworlds not bad bought it for 30 bucks. normally it “costs” $60. so half off and on amazon it cost around 40.

  11. I don’t normally answer the QOTWs, but I have to this time.

    I was at a yard sale while visiting family in Jersey, flipping through several longboxes in this guy’s yard. I found two copies of “Mr. T and the T Force” #1, each signed by Mr. T himself, and including a small document that apparently proves the authenticity of the signature. Guy was willing to sell me both for $2. I bought only one: if it’s worth something one day, I would have felt bad taking both off this guy’s hands.

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