Vidjagame Apocalypse 86 – Top 5 Haunted Houses


It’s still October, which means another quasi-spooky episode (spoopisode?), this time about our favorite creepy, horror-infested houses.  Then the conversation moves on to this week’s monstrous crop of new releases (including Fantasia: Music Evolved, Bayonetta 2, and Screencheat) and a look at the game characters you’ve dressed up as for Halloween.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite haunted house from a game?



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28 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 86 – Top 5 Haunted Houses

  1. Always like the Resident Evil mansion. But since it released, I like playing through Zombie Island of Doctor Ned Borderlands DLC this time of the year.

  2. Haven’t listened to the show yet and you might have mentioned it already but here goes.

    Castlevania (“This isn’t even an house.”) is way too obvious but I like how you can fit entire ecosystems inside that thing. It has a ton of variety in it despite being just a castle and you can find every monster ever inside it (I think of it like a sort of horror-themed Smash Bros). It’s so cool. Man, I wish I was Dracula and not a miserable pile of secrets.

  3. The Dunwich Building from Fallout 3, complete with hallucinations, moving objects and doors, creeping noises and a cultist shrine… or as the locals would say “got bad mojo”.

  4. QOTW: The Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time is a favorite of mine. I’ll argue that it is more a “mansion” than a “temple.” I mean, it’s got wooden doors with doorknobs for God’s sake!

    With technicalities out of the way, the Forest Temple (Mansion) has haunt sprouting from the bottom of its reeking septic system to the top of its twisted, carpeted corridors. This is the first dungeon for Adult Link after coming out of hypersleep in the Temple of Time. The wrecked future greeting you upon arrival magnifies the disarming dread at the Forest Temple’s gates. After killing the Moblin mini-boss and meeting Shiek again before entering, you understand that you NEED to go into the temple to restore some sanity to the blighted Kokiri forest, but you have no idea what might be inside.

    Stepping through the door, rattling music greets you. Squawking ghosts follow. Wolves, inverted gravity, and actual for-real locked doors are next. I recall getting stuck in the dungeon for weeks, and stuck at the boss for another week. The overgrown ivy and laughing Poe Sisters make you feel out of your depth. Brutal and beautiful.

    Lastly, I’ll mention that I originally played Ocarina on a crappy mono-sound TV using a coax RF-switch still attached to my SNES. However, every time I re-play the Forest Temple over the years, my audio setup improvs. This lets in more background noise chittering spirits, as if there were ghosts lurking just out of sight that I never knew were there.

    Those are real-live ghosts 16 years in the making. The Forest Temple is haunted.

  5. QotW: The manor that some jerk in Anvil scams you into buying in an Elder Scrolls: Oblivion sidequest. Extra points for the ghosts actually waking you up if you try to sleep in it. You have to hunt him down once you figure it out because he leaves town. Then he offers to help you get rid of the ghosts and then bolts on you again at the last second. Once you get rid of the curse, it turns into a pretty nice place.

  6. Oogie Boogie’s House in Kingdom Hearts 1 with the gambling table inside is the only Haunted House in a game that I can think of that I’ve played. I remember the boss battle quite well with him throwing dice and all as his attacks in at least the 1st part of the battle. It’s either that, or now that I think of it the penthouse/office in the Ghostbusters videogame could also count, especially since some of the enemies emerged in those little model buildings within that area.

  7. Not sure if this counts, due to the cliche choice and lack of “ghosts”, but the mansion in Final Fantasy 7 where you find Vincent and the flash back memories of cloud/sephiroth/zach was cool. The basement area was creepy and I always liked Vincent’s back story and look as a kid.

  8. YES! You guys should totally stream Fatal Frame. That game is my favorite “horror” game, and the only game that has truly made me scream like a wuss.

    Also, when I heard that you guys played a Depeche Mode in Fantasia Music Evolved. I immediately checked the stream out… and nearly lost my shit when I saw the song was “Enjoy the Silence”. No joke, that’s my favorite song ever, and it was a joy to see it played like that. That remix was pretty dope as well.

    Up until now, I had zero reasons to get an Xbone, this alone is the first thing that really tempt me to someday get one.

  9. This is close enough, I’ll say the whole tower in DMC3 is technically a haunted house, with demons instead of ghosts. Thoroughly spooky.

    Also, I’ll say that while the presentation and visuals are rough, the Korra game still has excellent combat throughout. You just have to have better utilization of cancels and bending switching.

  10. Gotta be the old house in the woods in Project Zero (Fatal Fram for you guys?). Old, dark and in the forrest at night it ticks all the classic trope boxes but it being the paper and wood remains of Himuro mansion gave the setting an extra weird edge for me.

  11. Mine was Ocean House Hotel from Vampire the Masquerade. The funny thing is I never played it. My best friend was a huge fan and told me about it. The reason I fell in love with the idea of this place was because it is loosely based off of “real” haunted hotel in Jerome, AZ called the Jerome Grand Hotel. Long story short this hotel was originally a hospital for the miners that were working there. I live in AZ and took a “romantic” weekend vacation there. It is a beautiful town and didn’t tell my boyfriend that the hotel we would be staying at was haunted. Granted he was a little made when we arrived but he sucked it up and we had a great time. I did not see any ghosts buy actually got some photos of those “orbs” everyone says are ghosts but who knows. Love the show and a question for you: Have any of you every went/stayed the night at a supposed haunted house?

  12. Probably the abandoned mansion in Project Zero (Fatal Frame?). Whilst the regular tropes of creepy old house, forest and dead of night are ticked off, the strange nature of the Japanese architecture gave the setting a very alien sense of vulnerability.

  13. My favorite haunted mansion is the one in Fatal Frame 3, the dream mansion. Once you go there, you can’t stop going until something kills you, whatever that may be. Also it will start haunting your real life and infecting your house with haunts. Also how you start going there differs but the place does/ did exist and it was rather haunted during it’s hayday as a place built for sacrifices.

    A big shoutout to the previous games, but the dream mansion concept is utterly horrific for someone like me who lucid dreams 9/10 times (I used to keep a dream journal because of it)!

  14. I gotta go with West Mansion from Splatterhouse. Found the game in a bowling alley as a kid and have been hooked ever since. And the remake’s mansion oozes everything a good haunted house needs.

  15. Waiting for Bayonetta 2 as I comment.
    Also, the Shantae game that came out this week isn’t the Kickstarter one. Who knows when we’re gonna see that one. And it’s being released on pretty much everything.

  16. great episode, I loved the top five haunted houses. I’ve been meaning to play the thief games and hearing those clips makes me want to play that one even more.

  17. Awesome Top 5. The Cradle was absolutely the correct Number 1.

    It would be my answer to the QotW as well, if I didn’t absolutely hate it.

    I hate survival horror. I don’t like being scared, so I never understood the point of playing games that intentionally make you feel that way.

    But Stealth games, and Thief games in particular are probably my favorite games.

    So having this terrifying survival horror level right in the middle of the game absolutely SUCKED for me. I fully recognize that it’s a masterpiece of what it is, but I didn’t WANT it in my Thief game in the first place.

  18. Gotta go with my first and that was the NES game Monster Party! Only thing I remember was levitating furniture and haunted wrangler jeans running around the level.

  19. I have to pick Oshoe Castle from Mother 3. It’s a huge castle that you get to visit on multiple occasions inhabited with all kinds of ghosts, monsters and eccentric creatures the series is known for. Not only that but it has dozens of corridors, rooms, underground passages, and a mysterious courtyard. By far my favorite location in the game.

  20. QOTW: Have to go with the house you’re in for the duration of Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. Uncovering thousands of years of history while slowly losing your mind in the mansion was absolutely fantastic.

  21. Haunted House for Atari 2600. That game terrified me long before any garbage looking polygons smashed through a window.

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