Cheap Popcast #35 – Hell of a Show


Dave, Chris, and Henry discuss the surprisingly good Hell in a Cell show as well as a longer-than-usual break covering the post-PPV Raw before moving onto the songs today’s superstars had before they were famous.




8 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #35 – Hell of a Show

  1. Dave did you really suggest that Paige’s current theme ISN’T one of the best WWE themes produced and easily the best made for a female wrestler?

  2. Ziggler’s theme as a whole song sucks but man it gets me so hype with whatever cut they use when he walks out to the ring.
    Easily my favourite theme but Dean’s and Paige’s tie for second.

  3. Yeah a lot of the current themes are generic as fuck. Cesaro deserves better, both music and booking wise. That guy is getting fucking BURIED, its madness. He could be a Main event status guy but WWE lacks the faith and seems to think we all want another 12 years of RAPADOOOOOOOOOOOO

    1. Reason for this btw is because Cesaro gave an interview to the british press saying Cena vs Orton is boring. Which is why he got jobbed out to Dolph and ended up in a pumpkin. SMH WWE.

  4. Also, i thought the HIAC main event was the best match ive seen since i started watching WWE again (Circa Cheap Popcast #1). I still dont think ive adjusted to the PG bullshit they go for now so that match was fuckin sweeeeeet. Ambrose is an Attitude Era throwback and i love it.

  5. I’m usually a pretty positive guy when it comes to wrestling, but I thought the booking at Hell in a Cell was easily the worst of any show in a year. The way they booked Cesaro, the way Dean lost, WWE failing to capitalize on Orton’s organic momentum when they are clearly turning him face by making him lose to Cena. One fuck up after another all across the board.

  6. I didn’t get to watch the PPV since I am on a budget crunch, but I am glad to hear the two matches I thought would be awesome where, Ziggler/Cesaro and Ambrose/Rollins are just great works working great together (thanks John Madden). I think the generic music for new wrestlers is like their big time theme in the Indy Circuit. I remember seeing Cena, Batista, Big Show and Mark Henry at the community center behind my house, back when cena wasn’t Cena and Batista was Leviathan. Also I remember seeing CM Punk there at the IWA shows and my buddies and I would call him the Pepsi Cobra. He was still pretty good back then. Anyway please include a music portion to the show, I think it could add some fun as the gang trys to guess themes.

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