Ghostbusters. All Damn Day.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! In honor of the annual emergence of the freak in all of us, we’ll be streaming nothing but Ghostbusters all ding-dang day (Or at least a couple hours.) Peep the video above for a preview of what we’ll be playing, livestream is below. The festivities start at 11:30AM PACIFIC (2:30PM EASTERN)

REMINDER: You have less than 24 HOURS to grab your Laser Time 80s Halloween Commentary Pack!

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11 thoughts on “Ghostbusters. All Damn Day.

  1. oh weird… I don’t know why I’ve never played a ghostbusters game before. I can’t believe that.
    that new ghostbusters 2 game that y’all showed looks like it might be kinda’ fun. are any of them any good? you don’t hear about them, so I wonder.
    anyhoo. I’ll drop by when you guys decide to wake up and start streaming. haha

    1. The Kirby looking thing I think was for Snes. That game is legit fun as fuck. I intend to get to playing the one for PC on steam. I can’t wait. My body is ready.

      1. Loved the sega gensis game but even as a child I was upset that Ernie Hudson was left out as a playable character!

        1. Excuse me, I am mistaken. It’s for NES and it’s called “New Ghostbusters II”. Kinda an overhead cutesy isometric kinda thing. Can switch between characters. It’s amazing.

  2. I remember as a kid I put some of the ghostbuster slime in my hair and it hardened and bonded to my scalp. I thought it was funny till my Dad got home and had to remove it (Mom dropped a dime.) Lets just say that Halloween, I was sporting a pre fire Marshal Bill haircut! Cant wait for this stream and Happy Halloween everyone!

  3. I loved the latest Ghostbuster Video Game released by Sony. I’ve played it on both PC and 360. I also played the original Ghostbusters game on an old Apple computer when I was a kid. I just remember it being ridiculously hard and never being able to get anywhere with it.

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