LT – The Most Expensive Everything


[WARNING: CLASSIC LASER] Know the most expensive movie ever made adjusted for inflation? Does the TV show that costs the most carry the highest price tag for ads? What’s the most any idiot has paid for A DOG?! Find out all that and more as Laser Time explores the most upscale and overpriced version of EVERYTHING


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18 thoughts on “LT – The Most Expensive Everything

    1. Thanks, man! Look, I hate reruns too, BTW. But this might be the show I’m most proud of putting together in 2014. Funny, interesting, and since I’m always asking you to share the show with a friend, I think this is the best episode to do just that with. It’s just one of those topics that serves us well, and something that’s really fun in the podcast medium. I’ll actually be sad to see some of these entries become dated (this was recorded in a pre-Guardians of the Galaxy world, after all)

      1. Seriously, gargle with some hard liquor… 151 works the best. just get like a shotglass with a 1:4 ratio and gargle deep once an hour. Sip a teensy bit to clear the nasty bacteria and shit out of your throat. If you do that within a day of feeling the sickness coming on, you should be good.

        I used to get sick for about 5-7 days straight, and cut it down to 2-3 using this method.

        Good luck, and feel better :3

  1. I love this episode but every time a rerun happens, I kind of keep hoping it’d be the THAT’S RACIST episode so I can finally try to provide a rebuttal to Chris trying to defend The Jungle Book.

  2. Loved this one when it first aired! Crazy how Michael Jacksons video “Scream” adjusted for inflation would cost about ten mlion to produce! Miss the days when a new music video would be the talk of the town. Anyone else remember Michael Jackson MTV weekends? They would run nothing but his videos for 48 hours! Cant think of another artist worthy of such an honor. Justin Bieber? God helps us all!

  3. This is a pretty great one to pick for a re-run. Been relistening to old episodes lately anyways. Hope you feel better soon, Chris!

  4. can you repeat the worst accents in films episode? that was so funny, a;so shame songs and shame songs too

  5. I ain’t even mad at this repeat; I seriously love this episode. In my top 3 of what you guys have done easily when it comes to podcasting. Little factoids and trivia pieces are some of my favorite things to absorb, and this ep gave me a few that I can spout every now and then.

  6. I still have no idea how I had (and still have) a TurboExpress as a kid. my guess is a department store went out of business.

    also that Joker Gif goes great with Hall & Oats “ManEater”

  7. Echoing the common sentiment here, but yeah, get better soon Chris!

    Also had a ton of fun re-listening to this episode. Despite being very recent, it made me chuckle you guys fearing for the success of both cap 2 and guardians of the galaxy. Hindsight always makes listening to past speculation a very amusing experience.

  8. Glad to hear you guys talk about Magic the Gathering, would be cool to have an episode all about trading card games and the like

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