Vidjagame Apocalypse 88 – Advanced Anti-Warfare


Another year brings another Call of Duty, along with another round of jaded gamers rolling their eyes at the silly rah-rah army hero baby¬†game. As anyone who’s played through its slickly realized campaigns can attest, however, there’s more to CoD’s stories than big guns and simplistic pro-war attitudes. There’ve even been a few times when the series has been downright subversive, and these are the fodder for this week’s Top 5. Then it’s on to some talk about multiplayer shark-shooter Depth, the Evolve alpha, and your favorite games for playing as a villain.

Question of the Week

What’s the best or most convincing lie you’ve ever been told about a game?



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33 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 88 – Advanced Anti-Warfare

  1. Someone (and multiple online sources as well as magazines and news media) made me believe I’d enjoy Everquest when it first came out. I recall being around 13 or 14 at the time so I didn’t have a credit card and therefore had to practically beg my parents to let me set up a subscription. About 15 minutes after I’d finally convinced them, I had played all the Everquest I would Everplay. At least to me, it was astoundingly awful.

  2. QOTW: Back in my elementary school years I frequented a lot of cheat code sites, and for a while I thought that EVERY entry was 100% TRUE. For for a long time I thought that Smash Brothers Melee not only had Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow the Hedgehog, but all the main cast from Fellowship of the Ring, I thought this was true for months before I gave up on their extremely specific and difficult conditions for unlocking them. Maybe about a year later I realized how fucking stupid I was.

  3. I would say the first one for me was getting Mew in the original pokemon red/blue for gameboy. I believed you could get him with the surf and key for the truck method, not once did ever actually get far enough to do it because I always used the damn ticket after getting frustrated with waiting and trying to figure it out. So damn frustrating… Also is there anyway to know if purchases from the Amazon links here actually work for sure? I don’t get any confirmation or mention of it and I want to make sure lasertime people are getting their cut.

  4. One of my friends in elementary school swore that you could see Princess Toadstool’s lady bits in her SMB2 sprite when she is jumping. He claimed that I wouldn’t know what he was talking about since I didn’t have a sister. I’m pretty sure 8 year old me didn’t believe him and even I did I had no interest in seeing her pixellated goodies, but it was one of the only lies I specifically remember being told about gaming while I was growing up.

    A different elementary school friend claimed that every time Simon Belmont got hit in Castlevania he was losing a body part, but the NES did not have the graphical capability to render this on screen.

    There were also claims around the time that SMB3 released that Japan was already playing SMB6 and we just hadn’t got 4, 5 or 6 yet.

  5. per Chris’s instructions I have consumed a dick, rather delicious thank you for recommendation.
    Mikel your wrong Call of Duty has always been rah rah military, you don’t know what your talking about even though you’ve played the games and I haven’t because I am an expert.

  6. Why do the guys keep saying that you can’t open an achievement directly when the notification pops up? All you do is hold down the Xbox button and it opens the achievement directly in Snap.It’s even faster than the 360.

  7. There was people who didn’t like the Rad Bromance episode? That’s pretty surprising to me, it’s still my favorite episode. I thought it was hilarious.


    I heard that the ending for The Last Of Us had something to do with aliens/the government having set up the whole apocalypse scenario as a sort of “test” for humanity or some crap. Given how supernatural the Uncharted series tends to get near its endings (Nazi zombies, blue super Mayan men, genies), part of me believed it. The whole time I played the game I kept an eye out for any sort of alien intervention, and when I finally beat the game I let out a huuuuuge sigh of relief that that was complete crap by some internet trolls.

    You won that round, trolls!

  9. I was told long ago that in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that you could buy ropes at stores, go to a large supermarket, lock the place down and hang everyone within the place. I was also told that later if you returned to that same location that you would find all of the bodies hung still hanging there. I have never played a single GTA game, yet I’ve seen enough of GTA IV and V to know that what I was told was not only ridiculous, but would’ve had national headlines yelling about it from the likes of Jack Thompson and Glen Beck. Seeing that Vice City was widely talked about in my middle school, it comes as no surprise that someone would fabricate an exaggeration such as that to get more people to play the game.

  10. The Top 5 was good, and like Mikel, the CoD games I’ve played, I’ve played purely for the campaign. I agree that the first Modern Warfare most definitely felt subversive, but all the CoD games moving forward felt to me like their twists and “subversiveness” came less from genuinely caring about it’s message, and more from a storytelling checklist of “Hmm, what can we do this time that will shock people?” Which is why I’ve stopped following the series after Black Ops, and despite the positive buzz, I don’t really feel like bothering with AW either.

    Though really, I will say that The Walking Dead series in general is just as guilty of the same thing across all it’s iterations, videogames, TV show and comics. At first the story feels genuinely harrowing and impactful, but after a while, you start seeing a pattern of things repeating themselves, and the story morphing into something more cynical, in which the storyteller seems to be figuring out how to shock people and keep them hooked. It’s a much better written story than CoD games, certainly, but IMO both have become equally cynical at this point.

    1. GamerGate has become so sickening and annoying that it’s bothering even guys like me who initially wanted to remain neutral about the whole thing. So long as a significant amount of douchebags try to keep that farce up, it deserves to be criticized and mocked.

      1. 100% my opinion as well! I tried to stay neutral but then GG started doing more and more disgusting shit and it’s gotten so bad that fucking COLBERT had to talk about it.

        So to be honest, I blame gamers for our lower profile now because to be even further honest, game developers getting their fingers into game coverage of any kind has been a thing since the early 90’s.

        Also Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian are not the Devil everybody thinks they are.

        1. Yep, at first I was even willing to entertain the notion that they MIGHT have a point even if a lot of them were going the wrong way about it… But now it’s clear to me that the overwhelming majority of the people associating themselves with that movement are just gigantic douchebags or stupid teenagers. And that their so called “concern of corruption in gaming” is nothing but an increasingly transparent screen that they use to hide their misogyny and intolerance.

          And yeah, I can’t say I care for either Quinn or Sarkeesian, but they HAVE the right to do what they’re currently doing, that’s what freedom is supposed to be. You have a right to not be a fan of them, but to actually try to stop them? That’s intolerance of the purest kind, and only horrible people engage in it.

          1. Ooor, the misogyny and harassment argument is the screen that the anti-gamer side is hiding behind, because it is obvious they have no real convincing arguments?. The harassment you refer to was not perpetrated in the name of gamergate. The hashtag wasn’t mentioned in any of the tweets made, they were simply personal attacks, made for personal reasons. I’m going to assume you aren’t browsing any gamergate boards because you appear very ignorant to this debate. Quinn and Wu are never mentioned on our boards because they aren’t even relevant. Sarkeesian is only mentioned when she makes some retarded statement on twitter like schoolshootings being caused by “toxic masculinity”, then we point and laugh and move on. Harassment is extremely discouraged and at this point, if it happens, I find it hard to believe that it was actually one of us, and not just some third party troll. We have nothing to gain from harassment and they have everything to gain from it, since it is their one and only defense. If they didn’t have that then they would actually have to just say that they are for corruption and that’s why they’re constantly shifting the focus of the debate and never just engaging us head to head.

  11. Probably the nude code in Tomb Raider.

    Side note, I was going to complain about this episode but then I ate a dick and now I don’t feel like it anymore.

    1. Yeah, it’s a day later and I still can’t get it through iTunes / the podcast app. Which is pretty brutal given that I dearly want to hear what the guys have to say this week.

    2. Try searching for the show in the Podcasts app and downloading it that way, instead of getting it through your subscriptions. That seems to work for most people. I’m not sure what’s up with the RSS, but we’ll do our best to fix it.

  12. I remember being fooled by some jester on a cheat codes site that said if you successfully performed 5 finishers in a row in WWF No Mercy on the N64, a zombified Owen Hart would fall into the ring and start wrestling against you.

    Looking back on it now, this was an obvious troll, but that didn’t stop the naive 10-year-old Me from creating a wrestler with the quickest possible finisher to try and make this happen, which seems pretty fucked up now.

    A friend also convinced me that there was a secret chokehold in one of the UFC Dreamcast games that could kill your opponent and permanently remove them from the games roster, which led to us spending an evening taking turns trying to choke Tito Ortiz to death…

    I’d never really realised what a shitlord I used to be. Thanks guys.

  13. You guys should consider implementing a “trigger warning”, as the tumblrflakes call it, for every podcast you mention gamergate in. I literally cannot keep from rolling my eyes at your ignorance every time you mention it and my my bussrides are getting awkward.

  14. <Michael you're wrong about the achievement on xbox one. You can hold down the xbox button after unlocking it to see what you just unlocked. I just did it yesterday when I was finishing achievements in Lego Marvel.

    Also cool feature, you can *snap* an achievement list to the side while playing to quickly keep track of what achievements you still need.

  15. The most convincing lies are those wrapped in the truth. I was told in Mario 64 that Yoshi was on top of the castle BUT what I was also told was that the reward he gives you is unlocking a multiplayer mode for the game.

  16. I really tried to not say this. I really did, but there being cake was the biggest lie I was told about a video game by the video game itself. Damn sentient robots.

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