Captain America: Winter Soldier FINALLY comes to VHS


Let this ultra-90s throwback trailer overtake you with the sweet sensationĀ of analog tape insertion…

Far be it for Marvel to ignore any potential channel of monetized distribution, a trailer has just arrived heralding perhaps the finest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (that’d be Captain America: Winter Soldier for you Guardians-lovin’ philistines) making its long-awaited debut on the wonderful format of analog tape. Pop this in your VCRs and smoke it!

Okay, if it’s not abundantly clear, this is but a parody of those old ass action trailers that used to run before VHS tapes you’d rent from place with names like “Blockbuster” and “Hollywood Video.” Saying I could watch a theatrical length version of the reference material is easy, considering 90% of the footage is derived from Winter Soldier and Robocop, but the send-up is pretty much a billion percent accurate to those found on anything remotely close to a Golan-Globus production. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then you damn sure should peep this trailer for an upcoming documentary about the best/failingest production company in the known universe!


8 thoughts on “Captain America: Winter Soldier FINALLY comes to VHS

  1. That Cap trailer was mad dope but it was missing one thing; Rody Rod Pipper! I was waiting for one “They Live” clip, but they made up for it with Machete star Jef Fahey. As a child of the 80s they nailed it with this trailer. Reminded me of snap bracelets and Out of this world (show) so mission accomplished.

  2. I was smiling the whole way through. whoever cut this together, I’m subscribing. been meaning to check out that Cannon documentary

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