Cape Crisis #116 – Dr. Doom’s Blog


Henry, Chris, and Dave reconvene to discuss the usual bits about Spider-Man and Walking Dead, then Dave sets Henry off by bringing up season premiere of Newsroom, which is followed by happier talk of CM Punk writing comics, Dr. Doom as a blogger, and other malarkey. (Sorry about the Newsroom talk, this’ll be the last time, honest…)


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Cape Crisis #116 Question: What wrestler could play a super hero?

22 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #116 – Dr. Doom’s Blog

  1. I love how the Newsroom disclaimer. Personally though, my favourite podcasting bits are always when you guys get off topic so I really don’t mind. Plus, rants are entertaining.

  2. Oh boy! More newsroom talk! It’s like an early Christmas present!!

    Seriously though, it’s okay Henry, I know we gave you guff about newsroom in the past, but it’s actually been so long since you guys even mentioned the show, it’s kinda endearing this time XD

  3. I don’t recall you guys talking about the Dr. Doom thing in this episode, unless if was pretty brief and I overlooked it.

  4. Roddy Piper could play Cyclops. only, instead of shooting energy blasts from his eyes, his visor would shoot into his eyes the truth about a global alien conspiracy to keeps humans docile and ignorant.

  5. Also, I usually ignore most modern comedy cartoons on account of how horrible the drawings are to me, but I gave Bee and Puppycat a try, and I really enjoyed it. It has a nice mix of cute and weird to it, and it was pretty fun overall, so thanks for the recommendation Hank! Looking forward to checking out the rest of the series ^^

    “Too Many Cooks” However, was excruciating. Sure, it had a couple of fun parts, but definitely not worth 12 minutes. I’m never going to get the whole “let’s repeat the same joke until it becomes funny again!” routine.

  6. Henry, I’m sorry, but you are SO WRONG about dance clubs in Japan. I’ve been to dozens upon dozens of them. They have ones that are way bigger than what we got in the US, and they aren’t secretive underground establishments or anything.

    1. Also they finally changed the law a couple months ago so clubs can now operate legally past midnight (it was this old-ass law that still remained on the books).

  7. Ah, Newsroom talk, how I’ve missed you. And when I heard the…unfortunate…news about Doctor Doom in the new FF movie, I made pretty much the same strangled sound that Henry did. It looks like Fox really is just shitting this movie out to hold onto the rights, which means Trank just didn’t have the budget to make a real FF movie.

    1. Seriously…that FF reboot is gonna flop. Dark and gritty, blogger!Doom, “lo-fi”, and apparently they’re not even called the Fantastic Four, and also there’s been no official pics, no teaser, not even a logo. It’s gonna be floptastic.

      I just hope Marvel can get the rights back someday…

  8. If a comic podcast contains no comics, what is it?
    Answer: cape crisis

    Seriously, take your hang ups on Sorkin, Nolan, Jackson, and every other talented creator who’s entertained millions over to Laser Time. Just because you study the Rick and Morty DVD commentaries like the tora and spend way too much time on Twitter does not give you access into the thought patterns of these creators. Go back and listen, H-E-N-E-R-E-Y on Twitter. Can’t you see Comic Book Guy spouting off just they way you did?

  9. Just wanted to chime in on the Newsroom issue. Although I don’t agree with your takes on the show, I usually enjoy your ranting about it. This time though, Henry got so enraged and gross that it was difficult to keep listening to the rest of the show. You guys are usually so good about not getting into Internet-Outrage-Culture, and to hear Henry screaming about perky boobs was disappointing. I don’t mind the show getting off topic and I don’t mind rants, but Henry Unhinged was hard to listen to.

  10. Jesus, Dave.

    I don’t even follow wrestling, but somehow still got the deep cut AND couldn’t stop laughing at your interjection that David Arquette once picked up Mjolnir. Brilliant.

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