Comic Reviews: Superior Iron Man and All New Captain America!



This week it’s a double dose of Marvel as Captain America and Iron Man’s new series launch! Which one is worth your time and money? Find out now!

 Superior_Iron_Man_Vol_1_1_TextlessSuperior Iron Man #1 (Marvel Comics)

 The Iron Avenger has a new series hitting the stands this week, and it’s not just a new armor that Tony Stark is sporting. Superior Iron Man #1 doesn’t feature a villain mind swapping with Tony Stark, but it does feature the after effects of AXIS’s “inversion”, which has somehow permanently done something to Tony’s outlook on life. I say “somehow” because AXIS is barely at the halfway point, and we are given no explanation for Stark’s behavior in Superior Iron Man #1. Would it really have hurt Marvel to hold off on this series for another month? Thankfully Tom Taylor and Yildray Cinar ‘s opening issue is extremely entertaining, and sets up a lot of pretty interesting stuff.

Superior Iron Man finds Tony Stark relocating to San Francisco, and being a complete dick to everybody. That’s really the only way to put it. He’s drinking again, fooling around with women, and being an all around self-important ahole. Essentially, he’s back to the Tony Stark that existed before he became Iron Man.

And I love it.

Superior Iron Man finds Tony, months after releasing his “Extremis 3.0” to the public for free, starting to set up a subscription service for the product. The new Extremis has changed the people of San Francisco, and naturally they are hooked on it. I won’t spoil too much, but I will say when Tony reveals the daily cost of the app, I was shocked. But as much as I want to hate Tony, I have to admit, I really enjoyed this issue and this new take on the character.

Credit should definitely go to Tom Taylor, who has previously done a fantastic job on the way better than they have any right to be Injustice comic books. He finds a way to make Tony a complete dick, but still be very charming, much like how Robert Downey Jr. plays him in the movies. Taylor’s starting to really prove himself with some out there concepts that should really dumb, but end up being pretty awesome., and he’s got a really great natural talent for dialogue as well.

If there’s one thing where Superior Iron Man could’ve been a little stronger, it’s in the art. While the new Iron Man armor looks really cool (it’s not the one on the cover, by the way), nothing else from Yildray Cinar really stands out in this issue. There’s a pretty impressive splash page towards the beginning, but other than that, there’s not a whole lot of “wow” factor yet with his art (much of that probably is due to the fact that this is a pretty action light debut issue.) However, he’s strongest with facial expressions, which become pretty important by the end of the issue.

Superior Iron Man #1 was a pleasant surprise. Sure, the timing of this series could’ve been better, but it’s still a lot more entertaining than I was expecting. While the ending of this issue left me scratching my head, I’ll definitely be checking out the next issue.



All-New Captain America #1 (Marvel Comics)All-New_Captain_America_Vol_1_1_Textless

 Not to be outdone, the Sentinel of Liberty ALSO has a new series out today. Yes, the new Captain America takes to the skies in Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen’s All New Captain America #1, a comic that wastes no time getting into the action. All New Cap is a refreshing change of pace from other debut issues, in the fact that there’s really little to no set up here. Sam Wilson, aka the new Captain America, is on a mission to stake out a new Hydra base, and Steve Rogers (the former Cap) is his mission controller. What follows are some pretty awesome action moments, which are delivered beautifully by the amazing Immonen.

Since All New Captain America has no real set up, you might think that you’d need to have read some of Remender’s previous Captain America run. Don’t worry. As someone who avoided his past Cap run like the plague, I went into this pretty cold, and thankfully Remender’s script is easily accessible. Remender keeps the pace quick, also peppers in a lot humorous moments amidst the action, and of course, leaves us on a pretty big cliffhanger.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the art, which is the real reason to pick up this book. Stuart Immonen is on fire here. I’m still not sold on Sam Wilson being the new Captain America, but when Immonen draws him swooping in and out of the clouds while slinging his shield, I believe. This issue is yet another example of just how amazing Immonen is, and is well worth the cover price.

I was pretty surprised with All New Captain America, and while I’m still not entirely down with this new spin on Cap (especially with Steve Rogers immediately acting like the old man he looks like), I’ll be back next issue to see how things turn out for Sam Wilson. As long as All New Captain America keeps delivering old school superhero action, I’ll be checking it out.


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4 thoughts on “Comic Reviews: Superior Iron Man and All New Captain America!

  1. I’m wondering how long Superior Iron man will last considering now we know how close it’s tied to AXIS (or at least I do now.)

    Also I’m surprised that in Axis (which is basically turning in X-Men vs Avengers) they have Sam Wilson acting differently, I would think that they’d introduce/re-introduce him to readers with this event.

  2. I’m curious to see how Marvel will handle both of these when Age Of Ultron comes out. The time leap in Hickman’s Avengers, which still shows white suit Iron Man and Sam Wilson Cap, put things right around May.

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