Anime Watch Week 5: Psycho-Pass 2 EP 4, Terra Formars EP 6, & Gundam Reconguista in G EP 6

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Anime Watch returns to give you the rundown on Psycho-Pass 2, Terra Formars, and Gundam Reconguista in G!

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 4

This show, THIS SHOW, what is it doing anymore? At least it was a relatively centered and focused episode, not bouncing around to various other plots the series has been doing previously, but this episode; what’s to come for Psycho-Pass now?

We continue the cliffhanger from last episode, with the Kamui-incensed gentlemen slowly massacring every hostage slowly in order to raise the stress and hues of those remaining. It’s a brutal section of moments in the episode, marred by lackluster animation and nonsensical ramblings. It does end rather unexpectedly, and with no survivors, but it all just felt so unnecessary. The utter annihilation of every single individual in the facility wasn’t hard to watch, and for Kamui it served a purpose, but having another, entirely new, division show up at the end with new tech when the previous division was in process felt superfluous. “Oh boy, we get to see new weaponry and new faces”. Okay, but we haven’t even gotten to know the new faces from this season and the second division, why introduce even more already?

Psycho-Pass hasn’t really pulled me in like its initial season did. Maybe it’s due to that when I was watching the firs season it was in block marathons rather than on a weekly basis, but I don’t think if I even had all of the episodes available to me right now, I’d be craving more. The storytelling is just poorly done and they’re trying to be ‘intelligent’ about its presentation and mysterious, that it’s hard to care. We learned last season he Sybil system is broken, it doesn’t work precisely as intended, yet they’re still using it? Akane still works for the division, despite all that has happened? There’s clearly collusion and ‘smoky-backroom’ deal going on somewhere in the precinct, yeah we’re supposed to still trust these people? Psycho-Pass just comes off as trying too hard, and without Gen Urobichi really pushing the writing, it shows that he needs more hands on with the story.

Terra Formars Episode 6

Hahaha (isn’t that how nearly every Terra Formars review starts out nowadays) in the anime world, whenever a series give any amount of time, I need to invest in a stopwatch and actually measure it. This episode was titled “2 minutes”, guess how long it took for the episode to get through those 2 minutes?

I grew up watching Toonami, and I will never forget the climactic battle in Dragonball Z wherein Goku and Frieza battled on an exploding, dying planet Namek. It was a 5 minute countdown, FIVE MINUTES. Naturally, those five minutes spanned about 19-25 episodes before the planet actually exploded. In this week’s episode of Terra Formars, we spend roughly 20 minutes with part of the Annex squad as Akari and Michelle continue their battles, in only 2 minutes of the anime’s timeframe. In two minutes, we see a lot of drawn out action, and a lengthy, drawn out explanation of the stages of drowning and suffocation. Why they felt they needed to draw out these two minutes was perplexing, and it all felt so out of place and questionable. It wasn’t unbearable, but it was certainly a noodle-scratcher.

I guess Terra Formars could be a lot worse, it could like World Trigger, for god’s sake, but it’s still hardly a good show; simply fun and for those who want as minimal as thoughtful storytelling as possible. We’re halfway through the season, and Terra Formars has given no reason for me look forward to finishing it up outside of seeing the brutal kills and how the censors hide them. Terra Formars is mindless, but simply too mindless to be good. I’m all for a show that’s a good throwaway “Netflix” show, in which you put it on in the background and “watch“it as background noise. Terra Formars isn’t even on that level of recommendation, and it’s likely it never will be.

Gundam Reconguista in G Episode 6

Well, it looks as though Bellri could spin into an angst-ridden anime character at any moment after this episode. In a stellar space battle pitting the Capital Army against the Space Pirates, Bellri faces a familiar but unknown face, and once again changes the landscape of the battlefield.

I still stand by my thoughts on Gundam Reconguista and its inability to find a distinctive, singular voice. It’s so hard to see this as aGundam series, thanks to it trying to clearly be something else from the early-aught years or even harkening back to an 80’s program. I’m all for throwbacks and trying to recapture a decade’s influence, but after 6 episodes, that should already be established. Does that mean Gundam Reconguista is bad? No, of course not, it’s still very entertaining and watchable, as the fights are flashy, well animated, and bring some flair to the mecha series that Gundam has always done. It’s just a hard recommendation off that stance alone.

Bellri and the other Capital kids are still hanging out with the Pirates, and the Capital Army are still engaging to bring them home, but at this point, it looks as though that won’t come until the season finale, or just before. You know they have to give us something to bring us back next cour. Also, no presence of Mask this week aside form a mention was a bit of a bummer, but it looks as though he’ll be back next episode, and with plenty of backup behind him.

But the big event this episode came from the climax to the space battle (*SPOILER* please skip below this paragraph to avoid any more….*SPOILER*) with Bellri’s instructor Dellensen Samatar. After a fantastical battle, unbeknownst to both pilots until the final shot, Bellri was fighting (and eventually killed) his former instructor/savior. It’s only in a fleeting, closing attack from Dellensen does Bellri recognize the attack pattern(s), but alas, it’s too late as he’s already pulled the trigger and obliterated his teacher. Where does this leave Belliri’s mother in regards to wanting him back, her reaction to losing a dedicated officer, and the continuing battle with the Pirates? That remains to be seen, but next episode could provide some more action-packed answers, or even raise more questions!

2 thoughts on “Anime Watch Week 5: Psycho-Pass 2 EP 4, Terra Formars EP 6, & Gundam Reconguista in G EP 6

  1. Yeah you pretty accurately described all the crap with gundam.

    He shoots down all his other countrymen, but its his captain that he breaks down over? If he could hear dellesen over the coms, why didn’t he just announce his presence and tell him to back off?

    All the characters frustrate me to no end. Except Rariya I guess because all she does is run around and shove her fish in people’s faces so she can’t have inconsistent writing.

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