Laser Time – Power Rangers Rip-offs


IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME… kinda. Exploring the weird, slightly embarrassing history of America’s race to localize Japanese TV shows and get a slice of that Mighty Morphin Mid-90s Money…


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46 thoughts on “Laser Time – Power Rangers Rip-offs

  1. Nice! I’m really looking forward to this one! I haven’t been able to listen to the show regularly in almost 2 months now, and it’s really been getting me down, I’ve just had too much shit going on.

    What’s this I’m hearing about the guys going to Japan?

    1. Yeah, a bunch of us are headed to Japan for over a week. Gonna try and find as many Laser Timey things as possible to shoot and/or bring back (finances permitting)

      And why havent you been able to listen in 2 months? Who do we have to kill?!

      1. Second year of university/adjusting to living in my own apartment dude, I’ve had a ton of shit to do. Life is actually pretty good, just busy. I miss listening to you guys, I’ve kept up with Cheap Popcast, because I don’t have as much to catch up with, but I’m painfully behind on everything else. Hope you guys are doing great!

  2. HOLY SHIT! I can’t wait to listen to this episode! Power rangers is my favorite thing ever I was obsessed as a kid and unapologetic-ally still follow it to this day (even though its not great) rest assured when I finally get enough money to buy that legacy edition box set it will be through good ol LASER TIME!

  3. Ah, Power Rangers. One of those show that I actually grew up with, and was at the right age to be suckered by it, and I did fall for it when I was like 8… But by 10 had already realized how stupid and bad it was, and had assumed the rest of the world had too… Only to find nowadays that a lot of people feel legit nostalgia for it ._.

    That and DBZ are two shows that I’ll never understand why grown ass people still like un-ironically.

    1. He was the villian on Big Bad Beetleborgs, they were like the Biker Mice from Mars of Power Rangers, or maybe more like the Sewer Sharks?

      1. I was born in 95 so this is entirely new to me. I watched only two different forms of Power Rangers when I was a lad. Light Speed Rescue and Ninja Storm. It amazes me that every one has their series of Power Rangers and how it defines your age pretty much. Like Pokemon.

  4. I watched Beatleborgs and Power Rangers religiously but now can barely remember the details. There was an artist guy who made them, but he drew upside for some reason? Those Beetleborgs were huge action figures, that was cool.

    1. Thank you thank you thank you someone already mentioned Beetleborgs. I was absolutely obsessed. Cannot wait to give this episode a listen.

    1. I’m glad The Next Mutation was brought up because until this episode I was certain only me and two of my friends remembered that it even existed. In any case, fuck that show, it was a s boring to me as the third TMNT movie, even as a kid.

  5. I know VR troopers are going to get some love in this episode! Downloading this sure to be “Barnburner” as Im typing.

    1. I loved VR troopers… Ryan rode a motorcycle, there was a black guy (I was black so shows with black dudes saving the world worked really well for me), Fake-Zordon was black, and Kaitlyn had gigantic titties.

      1. Lmao! Glad I am not the only fan of this show! For years I thought Kaitlan Stars was the chick from Scrubs. Im still waiting for an Arab guy to be on tv saving the world and not being shot at by Jack Bauer for trying to blow up the world(im half jordanian, half rambo)

        1. Dude she was a babe. She was also on some soap opera that I am far too lazy to look up. Like a Days of our Lives sort of thing.

  6. This is some vintage lasertime right here. I’m fucking psyched.

    I loved power rangers ripoffs. Beetleborgs was the shit, the action figures were really cool. Plus power rangers were awesome in general, I was a huge fan for several years with all the toys.

  7. I know you guys aren’t the biggest anime fans, but if you have any love at all for the Sentai genre, or even any type of super heroes. you owe it to yourself to watch Samurai Flamenco. It was a show from last winter that starts off as Kickass the anime, then takes a hard shift into a power ranger show, then a Gundam esque show, and then it feels like Justice League. You can find it on Crunchyroll, and it is one of the most unique shows you’ll ever get to watch. And they heavily hint at a gay romance because why not.

    i have been trying to remember what the name of that show was superhuman samurai squad!
    literally for a DECADE.
    i kept thinking it was that show wake rattle and roll!

    i just remember thinking going into a computer to fight virus monsters was a really cool concept. yay!

  9. For anyone that grew up watching those tokusatsu shows, check out the 3DS game Attack of the Friday Monsters. Made by level five and kind of shows the effect these shows had on kids in Japan in the 70’s. Such an adorable game.

    Other than that, fuck yeah Power Rangers!

  10. Three years ago, I was in the emergency waiting room with my wife and son. He was only 5 days old, but we were there for my wife. It turns out that when you squeeze a human out of your vagina, it’s pretty uncomfortable and other awful things happen.

    While I was there, sitting across from me, was Amy Jo Johnson. I desperately wanted to say something to her, but she was pretty upset with whatever it was that brought her there. Call me crazy, but maybe one of the worst times to bother someone is while they’re sitting in the ER, crying.

    1. The Yellow Ranger got into porn, didn’t she?

      Also, I was in the exact same boat regarding the closet-fan, but making fun of people who watched it demographic. I remember being like 14 and ashamed that I really wanted to buy a Dragon Zord toy or whatever they were called.

        1. Too late! Now I’ll be reading your reply as a nighttime story to my son every night before he goes to bed. Yuppie Scum and AqueousBoy Jr. are forever linked.

  11. Does anyone have any good recommendations for good Power Rangers? Official compilations or Fan stuff?

    That song after the 22:00 break was really cool.

  12. Man I loved superhuman samurai syber squad so much. I had Servo’s axe/sword/shield combo toy, that thing was the coolest ever. Traded some pogs for it!

  13. I realized looking them up that I watched VR Troopers as well as Beetle Borgs and Power Rangers. I has a VHS of Power Rangers when I was a kid, (in one episode the yellow ranger had a fear of heights that she overcame to beat the bad guys) and both the films as well.
    I don’t think there was a point when I hated the Power Rangers as the show run had ended (or I stopped watching), but I do remember watching a few episodes of new series and a few episodes in Tommy returned, then a few years later on A new series Tommy returned again (seems he’s returned in the new series as well).

    Just watching the into to the Power Rangers again on Youtube, I had a nostalgia flashback so hard I felt like I was a kid again watching my VHS. I haven’t felt like that since I watched Silly Symphonies on A Cartoon Christmas.
    LaserTime feels like a portal to the past and the things I’ve forgotten, thanks for making me remember Chris.

  14. See they say “Tokusatsu” and my boner is sharp and ready. I am a big Kamen Rider fan and I’m fairly sure I am too old for that, but never the less I am. I kinda would not mind a whole Tokusatsu show lol.

  15. Man I was at prime target audience age when Power Rangers hit the scene. As you could imagine, I watched every single one these damn shows until they got to space and tried reeaaallll hard to watch Beetleborgs. However, the lack of martial arts in it was a big NOPE. The only reason I peeped a bit of Turbo was because they made a black guy the red ranger for two seconds and as someone mentioned a few comments up, at the time that was a huge deal for obvious reasons also aforementioned. Anywho, there was a time when I had a solid block of great ass tv that start with VR Troopers, Power Rangers, Super Human Samurai, Salute Your Shorts, Clarissa, Rugrats and ended with Doug. Resulting in driving uncles and grandparents alike on visits due to my lack of cable at home. Ah the 90s in my best Gambit voice “It don get betta den dis”. Uselesss factoid, VR Troopers predated Star Wars Episode 1 with the dual-edged lightsaber. The character JB wielded a dual-edged lightsaber as his weapon. As for Super Human Samurai, it’s responsible for making me think Tom Servo was a shoutout to the main hero of the show lol Yes laugh at my stupidity. Love the LT network! Hope y’all live it up in Japan! Dracular stalkin’ the streets o’ Tokyo this Turkey Day lol

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