Anime Watch Week 7: Part 1

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Anime Watch Part 1 breaks down Psycho-Pass 2 Ep. 6, Terra Formars Ep. 8, and Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 8!

I’ve been hard on Psycho-Pass’ second season (and don’t worry, I still will be for the time being), but mainly because I’ve held the previous series to such a high standard to see it fall so far, so fast, it’s embarrassing. I didn’t think Gen Urobichi’s absence would be so substantial, but I desperately need him back, and need his writing to bring this show out of the stinker.

Continuing where we left off, the drones are still in the hands of the public, innocently gunning down any and all that around, with the MWPSB being nothing more than cannon fodder for most of the episode, Akane scrambles to solve the issues, but not before cementing the fact that this show is so poorly written, you’d wonder how it even got to air. Every single Enforcer has a communicator, yet no pertinent information about the drones weaknesses are shared, not until it’s seemingly required. Even after a huge explosion in an ammunition warehouse takes out a bevy of drones, they still insist on running about, rarely conversing. It’s utterly absurd to think a department can be run this poorly. Also, as technologically advanced as this city is to have the ability to see any and all civilians “hue” and read their danger readings, how in the hell do you not have a true counteraction to your drones going AWOL?

I understand they were hacked and that you also felt the need to display to the civilians all of the bloody, catastrophic damage that they were causing (that’s sarcasm by the way) but not having a failsafe for your drones, that’s utterly ridiculous and hard to swallow. Psycho Pass has been an absolute mess this season, and this is simply a taste of all of the bad, stupid, and ludicrous things wrong with what has become of what was a great series. Kamui is the only mildly interesting segment of the show, and it’s scary to even anticipate how they will screw his character up. This show is by no means worthy of the attention the first series garnered and is deserving of, save your time and watch something better, like Parasyte!

Terra Formars Episode 6

Terra Formars tries its hand once again to provide us with some backstory, and while it’s compelling, it takes us away too much from what we’ve come to expect from the series thus far. German officer Adolf takes center stage this week, and we’re shown how he’s ended where he is in regards to the Mars expedition, and it’s an almost “German” story we’ve seen a thousand times before.

What I mean by that is, the German people are represented in media like this as somber, resentful, and seemingly apathetic and dreary. Naoki Urasawa’s Monster from 2004 is perhaps where I’m drawing a lot of these criticisms from (and I absolutely recommend that series, seriously) but their German representation there was the same as Adolf’s. Perhaps Yū Sasuga was inspired from Monster for Terra Formars’ Adolf, but the resemblance to several of the characters in it is rather uncanny. He’s completely focused on his mission, and as dedicated as he is, he seems as though, no matter what, he intends to do it as precisely as he can. He’s very determined, and as we learn from his backstory, he’s willing to make this a suicide mission, as nothing on Earth is going to be welcoming him back.

He’s the most broken character introduced in Terra Formars, and it’s really hard to hate him after seeing what’s brought him to this level. A cheating wife, a child that’s not his and it’s such a downer story. It’s like being kicked while you’re gasping for air; Terra Formars likes to rub your face in the dirt as you’re being kicked and struggling. At least, it seems to like doing that to its characters.

This was a difficult, but good episode to watch. Character backstories are some of my favorite things to get, and even if they’re bad, they can still explain and show why someone is the way they are. Terra Formars is still a likable show, but the characters aren’t going to be memorable, luckily Adolf is a tragic soul in this tale will not have a happy ending, and he’s as content with his role as anyone else should be.

Gundam Reconguista in G Episode 8

I’m still uncertain (as I’m unsure the producers and directors are) where this show is headed, but it’s still a mess trying to make sense of it all and enjoy it. Luckily the action is still pretty enough to keep the episodes entertaining, but now I’m worried when the slow, dialogue-driven parts take over, how much this show will continue to fall apart.

Bellri’s finally reunited with his mother after another egregious lack of communication, nearly resulting in her death. But it looks as though my early theory of a third party being an antagonistic ideal is gathering ground, as Mask’s identity and motives are pushed more into the picture. It seems as though there is something involving the Moon, and the Pirates are simply a ruse to gather intel on the activities accruing among the Moon. I’ll say this, as silly and ludicrous the storytelling is so far, I’m intrigued to see where Yohiyuki Tomino can take this.

There are still a (proverbial) metric ton of problems with this series, and it’s getting tiresome constantly nit-picking it, but as it continues to get more and more wacky rather than answering for its actions, it’s not like I’m not trying to justify it. Gundam Reconguista is a bad show as it stands currently. There is indeed a lot of room for improvement, and it’s possible this is all part of some grandiose plan, but it’s just preposterous to even recommend it to anyone who’s even mildly curious to start it. Stay away from Gundam Reconguista, and maybe the end of the season it may be a series to marathon and check out, but currently, it’s a terrible program.

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