Anime Watch Week 7: Part 2

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Anime Watch Part 2 is all about Parasyte Ep. 6, World Trigger Ep. 6, Seven Deadly Sins Ep. 6, and Fate/stay night UBW Ep. 6!

Another week, another splendid episode of Parasyte on the record as it continues to be the best series airing this season. After 6 weeks, I’m starting to run out of ways to describe how well this series has adapted its manga counterpart, and retained its consistency, but I’m going to continue trying to do so!

Migi ends up changing the entire game from the start of this episode, as in order to keep Shinichi, its host, alive, it must become Shinichi’s heart and resuscitate him. Unfortunately, as a result, Migi has developed a weakness: it must rest 4 hours a day to compensate for this exchange. This adds an entirely new challenge to the hunt and survival from the other parasites, but Shinichi is also making it more difficult as he’s fixated on finding his mother’s killer. Thanks to Migi, Shinichi is capable of seeing the world without his glasses, and he’s become a new person, almost. After briefly visiting his father, he sets off on his new goal: revenge. He wants finality, he wants revenge, and most importantly, he wants justice and for the parasite inhabiting his mother’s body to be stopped, with prejudice. Casting aside and all care for his own well-being, Shinichi is near psychotic in his hunt, and this episode ended on such a teasing note that’s understandable if you’re like me and swore at the screen in frustration!

Parasyte will be a show I praise for years to come, and one I eagerly await to read through one day too, and if you’re not already watching this show, and you’re on the fence, I’m prodding you: go watch this show! It has heart (literally) and one of the best, if not most interesting, soundtracks of the season. Ken Arai is creating some marvelous music; and poignant ones too. Parasyte is a show I say you should be watching, and I will continue to do so!

World Trigger Episode 6

Oy vey, World Trigger, you’re just a batch of white noise to me at this point. Nothing you’re sharing with me is even remotely interesting or recommendable. You’re an awful, awful program, and I can’t even begin to imagine how your manga is one of the more popular Shonen Jump series, but perhaps I should give it a go with a few of your volumes to “get it”; it should be infinitely better than watching the anime adaptation.

This week, once again, we have a plodding introduction to Chika, Osamu’s friend who’s able to sense Neighbors, and pull them to her. Naturally, any shonen trope can show you that will be a big deal later on, but this week, we focused more on her and her interaction with Yuma. After the OP decided to appear 12 minutes into the episode, Yuma and Chika hit it off like they were old friends, even allowing her to teach him how to ride a bike. This sappy, silliness aside, we also got more world-building and explanations about Trion (the source of Triggers). The more you have, the more powerful you can be, essentially.

Unfortunately, while that was difficult to watch, we didn’t get any further insight into the Border agents we were introduced to last week. Spending nearly every bit of last episode introducing us to them, to only hardly mentioning their existence seemed like a misstep to me. World Trigger still has a lot of problems, and I regret every week watching a new episode. Perhaps, maybe it can improve by end season, but if you’re even thinking of checking this series out, un-cock the gun and don’t pull the trigger on it. Save your time for another show, like Parasyte! (I’ll endlessly recommend that show, seriously, it’s terrific!)

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 7

Okay, now we’re getting to a really terrific portion of Seven Deadly Sins, and I promise you, this series kicks into overdrive here, and rarely even lets up. We have backstory, we have motives, and we have an incident that changes the lives of nearly every Sin from hereafter.

This particular episode is full of flashbacks; in fact it starts off as one, and then jumps around as our Sins travel to the Capital of the Dead in search of King, the Sin of Sloth. With his small stature and leopard print pillow, he’s the king of the Fairies, and seems to have an alliance of some sorts with the Holy Knights. He wastes no time attacking Ban, drilling him through the chest, and revealing he’s immortal. Ban shrugs the attacks off, and we’re soon at a standstill as Meliodas intervenes, and introduces us (and Ban) to King.

I curse Meliodas for stopping the fight, because when the Sins get to fight in this series, as overpowered as they are, it’s always satisfying to see. They’re ridiculous, over-the-top, and full of unique tactics and attacks that leave you wondering where the battles may lead. The next couple of episodes should help highlight these points, as if my memory serves me correctly, the Capital of the Dead turns into a terrific battlefield, and the Sins are able to show they’re power. Seven Deadly Sins is still as transparent and by the books a shonen series can be, but it’s just interesting and got enough intrigue to keep you reading (or watching, in this case) and I’ll stick by the series for its entire run. I just hope it doesn’t take the course of the concurrently running Akame Ga Kill, and go anime only with its ending. There seems to be enough manga material to suggest it should be safe, but I thought the same about Akame Ga Kill, too and, well, they’ve made a fool of me.

Fate/stay night Episode 6

The wheel of Fate is turning. I realize that’s how a BlazBlue fight begins, but I couldn’t resist using it here to describe how well Fate/stay night UBW is handling it various narratives and characters. The action may have relaxed a bit since the initial episodes, but engrossing stories and characters keep bringing me back, and cursing every time the ending theme begins!

We learn more of the mysterious servant who attacked Rin and Shirō, and it’s the bully from an earlier episode: Shinji. Of course that prick in is charge of that Servant, and of course he’s a lousy person. Although, hearing him confess, I didn’t get the feeling he was truly in charge of the Servant. It seemed too easy, and he comes off as though he was being told to say all of that; it just didn’t sound genuine. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, and Shinji is really the Master, but it didn’t sit right with me. I didn’t have much time to mull that over though, as Shirō is thrust into another battle, this time with the Caster servant. Abducting Shirō in his sleep, and slowly draining him of his mana (perhaps too slow) before Archer makes the save.

“But where’s Saber?” I hear you asking. Saber’s now tied up with another servant, Assassin. We now have a 4-way servant battle about to unfold, with a fifth, the still unknown servant class of Shinji waiting in the wings. This is an action fans wet dream, and if the following battle(s) are anything like what Ufotable have been doing, it will be a visual splendor when these forces combat one another. I’m already drooling at the mouth thinking of the possibilities, and eagerly wait all that Fate/stay night UBW still has in store.

4 thoughts on “Anime Watch Week 7: Part 2

  1. Ban is definitely the best character in all 7 deadly sins. He isn’t perv like Melodias, he can hold is own in a fight and be horribly maimed. Plus, he has a really neat backstory. I do like that as the series continues, the events in each characters back story intertwine. Zabu, are you up to date in the manga?

    1. I am, fully up-to-date, as of chapter 105.

      It’s such a terrific action series, I’m curious how the anime will handle the rest of the series. Will we get anything past the Festival (given that’s where they’re leading to).

      1. Ban becoming Fairy King is a neat plot twist. I bet a show like this will totally get a second season, the manga and anime are pulling good numbers.

        I like it, but the whole show fits so comfortable in standard Shonen tropes. A show like Parasyte or Bahamut has great action, but they are doing something different with their plots. I am liking them more than Nanatsu based solely on that.

        1. It deserves it, and I’d definitely keep watching, even if a few minor changes have already happened.

          As for Parasyte: there simply isn’t enough I can say about that show that I haven’t already said. It’s stellar, it’s addicting, it’s soundtrack is too good, and the characters are all likable and full on intrigue. I can’t recommend it enough, and if you’re not already watching it, PLEASE start, it’s too good to keep passing up!

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