Vidjagame Apocalypse 91 – Walking-Bird Day


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in America, meaning everyone’s blowing off work so they can gorge themselves while cooped up in pressure-cookers of familial loathing and resentment. We’re no exception, so in honor of the noble sacrifice of the walking-bird (or “turkey” to non-Simpsons fans), we’ve invited Retronauts host Bob Mackey to share in a short, Top 5-centric show about our new favorite genre: the “walking simulator.”

Question of the Week

If you could change one moment in any game’s story, what would it be? (Held over from last week, so if you haven’t answered it yet, now’s your chance.)



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24 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 91 – Walking-Bird Day

  1. I wouldnt say Gone Home isnt a game but its not much of one and definitely overrated for the amount of content it is.
    It might as well be just a short story in my opinion, because the only thing it seems to have going for it is the story, which was liked by you guys but to me is cliche and cheaply tugs at the heart stings, parents at odds, teen discovering alternative sexuality and fear of that.
    But thats just me.

    1. Same, although I have less of a problem with the game-play itself and the idea behind it. I actually thought they did a pretty good job with the atmosphere and I did have fun exploring the house.


      The story is definitely where it didn’t pay off for me, specially because it’s the kind of story that had it been about a girl and a boy instead of two girls, I bet you that all the people that praise it now, would either not have batted an eye at all, or would have called it cheesy, dumb or clichéd.

  2. Awesome to see a show this week! thanks for the effort guys :3

    And well, the idea for that top 5 is bound to piss some people off, but I think it’s a good one…. Though also, because the nature of these games relies heavily on plot and story, I can’t really listen about 2 of the entries here, The Stanley Parable and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter are two games I definitely want to play eventually, and I’d rather go into them completely blind.

    The other thing that kinda disappointed me is that To The Moon isn’t on here. Because I mean, even though it’s not on first person, it’s still very much a game where you can’t really die in and most of what you do is walk, progress the plot, and solve puzzles. And furthermore, I thought the game was fantastic in the story it told, the jokes it made, and the fact that it made it all work by just using RPG Maker.

    I guess that’s also another reason why Gone Home annoys me more than it actually should. I mean, I actually DID enjoy playing the game, and even if I didn’t like a lot of the story, it was still and worthwhile experience. It’s a game I’d give an 8 out of 10 in my mind. But the fact everyone sings the praises as if it was this sublime piece of storytelling does annoy me a lot. I already explained a big reason why above. But also because I do feel that To The Moon broke ground with a lot of what Gone Home did, two years before Gone Home even existed, told a much better story, and yet it barely got any attention in comparison. Something that is once again exacerbated in this top 5.

    Still, unlike a ton of other people out there. I do think Gone Home is a game, and I do think it has a right to exist, and I’m perfectly okay with seeing more games like it in the future. I just think the amount of praise it got is better deserved by other games of it’s kind.

  3. I tend to fall of the side of Gamergate but yet don’t sit on social media threatening to kill “females” or wear a tin foil hat over “collusion” in the games press. I just hate being told that because I don’t think most games depict women in demeaning ways as much as some people would like us to believe I must be a misogynist pig. Maybe Chris should stop painting with such a broad brush.

    1. Chris seems to have gone off the deep end. It would appear he is trying to drive of as many listeners as possible.

  4. QOTW:
    Xenogears: I would have liked it if Fei didn’t turn into Id and nuke Lahan, killing Alice. It sucks that Timothy got popped, but she shouldn’t have had to die, too…

  5. Wait a minute… WAT A MINUTE!!! You are telling me that dis “Gone Home” is a game?! I mean wheres da violence? Wheres da achievements? Wheres da multiplayer? Dis ain’t no game…… Well the thing is we should be adults about things and stop being so reactionary to every little thing that comes across viewing path. While I haven’t played Gone Home I have played Dear Ester and found it to be an interesting experience even though I had to fight the feelings fo something coming to kill me away. So to answer the question “Is it a game?” I would have to say why does it even matter?

  6. Thank you for recommending Gone Home I bought it right after the podcast. I loved it. The best thing I played in a long time. I admit that cried some manly tears. the voice actor that voice Sam made it more emotional.. I wish more games are like this.

  7. Get ep. Best ending ever. Except the Ludo-Narrative Dissonance part. It is the bane of my existence. The anti-game theory. It shall end all things that are fun, that is it’s end; it’s final solution, it’s distinct finale, the very conclusion of all that is enjoyment in video games. Constraint. No for real though. It sucks. Am I just stupid? Am I the bad guy?

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