The Flintstones meet the WWE exclusively on Direct-to-DVD


You better believe that’s “Vince McMagma” up there!

Regardless of how many times I flip out and become an errant ass on our podcasts, I swear I’m not a petty person. So please understand where this coming from when I say that this trailer absolutely should’ve been OUR exclusive! Look, I mean no disrespect to our buddies over at IGN. I’ve seen them do some fine wrestling coverage, but so have we, and I damn sure doubt they’ve done Hanna-Barbera the due diligence we have, and that’s saying a lot because most of us pretty much hate the fucking Flintstones. The Flintstones and WWE’s Stone Age Smackdown looks like a nightmare. But it should’ve been OUR nightmare first, consarnit!

As for the trailer itself, while I love the appearances by “John Cena-Stone” and “Daniel Bry-Rock,” Fred and Barney’s voices are a little… you know what, who in the world honestly gives a shit?

flinstones wwe smackdown


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11 thoughts on “The Flintstones meet the WWE exclusively on Direct-to-DVD

  1. Undertaker sure has been around for a long time…. Also Rock Henry the first black Flintstone character? Where is Rock Lesnar….The Rock?!

  2. If Brock Lesnar was in the film it would count as a match for him and he would be gone even longer from the WWE. I still think Stone Cold should be in this because I want to see him give the stunner to Barney. Also they should have put in Old School Wrestlers like Bruno Sammartino and Wahoo Mcdaniel. Anyway I will watch this in hopes that Fred gets hit with a bowling ball to become a wrestler like he did in every show. Looks stupid and funny.

  3. I really do wonder if there is some overlap of old school Hannah Barbara and the WWE.

    IMO the best thing they ever made was Wacky Races

  4. Two of the most out-dated irrelevant to modern society worlds COLLIDE!

    It’s the match-up that absolutely nobody was waiting for!

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