Laser Time – Xmas Ad Nauseam


When marketing piggybacks on Santa’s sleigh to worm its way into your Christmas-lovin’ hearts. Congratulations, television. YOU WIN! It’s time to celebrate our favorite Holiday commercials of yore with a few Yuletide tangents thrown in for good measure…


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12 thoughts on “Laser Time – Xmas Ad Nauseam

  1. Fart, it’s lasertime!

    And oh dear… The thumbnail alone for this one… This is gonna be awful isn’t it..

  2. Always happy for LT, but i thought this episode would encapsulate your japan holiday more. I’m pretty interested in hearing about it since i am going for the first time next year.

  3. Chris is this a case where one jerk face complained about Christmas episodes? Cause from what I’m seeing a good amount of us love them. I just listened to the favorite Christmas episode yesterday so I’m happy bout this.

    1. They have gotten depressing, not christmas specifically, but the winter episodes
      And then new years comes around and they get all lets be hopeful again.

  4. Christmas episodes are the best. This one was great. May everyone who complains be trampled by a Clydesdale and fail to trick Fred.

  5. Christmas episodes rule! And thank you for bringing up the Claymation Christmas. It’s hosted by some sort of Bing Crosby-dinosaur, followed by the inimitable soul-singing California Raisins.

    Urgh, darn it, now I have to share wisdom and ruin a joke though!

    Irn-Bru (Iron Brew) isn’t a beer, it’s a soda. It’s insanely popular in Scotland and in my experience, it tastes like Sweet Tarts. The cans kinda look like that terrible NOS-Energy Drink.

    Sorry, dudes.

    I still like the thought of a flying snowman carrying me around a landscape that’s all Christmas and pan-flutes while I drink my face off.

  6. Did I dream up Toysrus Christmas commercials featuring Geoffrey their mascot, riding a train through a store? Cant find any videos so maybee it was an image on one of their “Wish books”? Man those wish books were apart of me like a bible to a Christian durring the holidays.

  7. As a Jew, I totally agree with what Diana said, but I think you should add the fact that; Christmas is like when a friends birthday is played up for at least three months, and even if you move to another continent, you still get reminded of how popular your friend is. Not to mention this friend was a major dick for around 1800 years.

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