Cheap Popcast #38 – How the Punk Stole Christmas


A freewheeling Cheap Popcast begins as Dave and Chris discuss CM Punk’s podcast appearances and UFC announcement before hitting the main event: Christmas movies starring wrestlers!

Post-break song is 8-Bit Wrestler Themes ~ WWE: CM Punk “This Fire Burns” (XERO Cover), by EdmanXERO on YouTube



11 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #38 – How the Punk Stole Christmas

  1. Hey Dave its Dave lol I haven’t heard my Gangrel outro music yet. No worries just would love to hear it on your podcast. Thanks brotha.

    1. No him and Vince had a major falling out after he went to WCW and did not make up till WWE All stars release and then he died shortly after. Moral of the story is; don’t sleep with the bosses daughter.

  2. Hey guys. I love all the shows on the network and I just finished listening to this episode. I was interested in Santa’s Slay and because you guys mentioned that the IMDB page was bare, I updated the trivia section. I recommend you check it out while it is still up.

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